In this update: Old friends from ThrustSSC; Jessi Combs wins King of The Hammers; Luc De Lay GNRS Hall of Fame; and  and steering work progresses

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Jeremy Davey, ThrustSSC Member

For the last nineteen years we get a call from Jeremy Davey from Microsoft about once a year.  Jeremy was instrumental in bringing the ThrustSSC project to the world.  As webmaster and key member of the ThrustSSC team, Jeremy had vision to be the largest website in the world. At the time the White House had the most visits per day of around 1 million hits.  After Andy Green set the 763 MPH world land speed record in October of 1997, the ThrustSSC website got over 3 millon hits, making it the largest website at the time. You can still visit the ThrustSSC site here.

Jeremy has stayed in contact with the team and every year we get together to renew friendships and tell stories.  Ed, Brandyn and Keith traveled to Bellevue and met up with Jeremy before he left town to go home.  The best thing that came out of the nights visit was Jeremy offering Brandyn a chance to expand his ever growing network of industry leaders.  Jeremy placed this quote from Theodore Roosevelt on the ThrustSSC site that still applies today.


Fellow co-worker of Keith and Ani, Doug Schmidt and his boy Branden dropped by the hangar for a tour


Team Patent Attorney George Leone and his wife stopped by the hangar


Today’s work party: Keith Zanghi, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Andrew Kirk, Chris Greene, Von Armstrong, Ani Simon, Jason and Cory Miitchell, Sean Rondestvedt, Omar Chramosta and Chris Banks

As usual a number of visitors came by the hangar today to see the Eagle.  Fellow co-worker of Keith and Ani, Doug Schmidt,  brought his boy Branden to meet the team. Branden is a junior in high school and now has some ideas for his senior project.  The team has mentored a senior student each year to help promote STEM in the schools and community.

Congratulations Jessi!

1st Place: King of The Hammers

jessi kingofhammers

Jessi Combs 1st Place, 3rd Overall finish – King of The Hammers

jessi kingofhammers car

Jessi’s Race Car

160207k 160207q

 Andrew assembles new monitor stand

Last week we told you about Garrett Holm donating a large Plasma screen TV to the project. This week we aquired a new mobile stand and Andrew assembled it.  Next week we will hook up the DVD and computer and will have a great audio visual tool we can use to show visitors.

160207c 160207d
160207e 160207h
160207i 160207j
160207l 160207m
160207n 160207p

It used to be Chris Greene envied all the cool jobs the rest of the team had.  Now the roles are reversed.  Chris came in this week after spending the previous weeks at Barrett-Jacksons Auction in Arizona.  Chris works at Chris Halstroms Concepts cars building some of the most exotic hot rods in the world.  Chris cut his teeth working on the Eagle and spent the day helping out.  Chris packs all of the parachutes for Ed and Jessi after each run.

Eaton Hydraulics has been working on our steering pump.   Today the team installed the new valve and got things ready for a functional tests.  Larry Martinson and Jason Mitchell worked on the parachute deployment system this week.

Ed was absent this weekend,  trying to sell his Ford 351 engine at the Corvette Swap Meet.  Wonder how that turned out?  You’ll find out next week!

Luc De Lay Inducted in GNRS Hall of Fame

Luc De Lay this past week was inducted into the Grand National Roadster Show Hall of Fame.  Luc has carried on the tradition of his father, bearing the company name, MarCels and creating some of the finest automotive custom bodies in the world. From the original Boydster for the late Boyd Coddington and many projects for Chip Foose.

Whenever we visit our friends in Corona CA, we always stop by Luc’s shop and see whats happening.  Luc’s son Taylor flies the Wolfe Air 337 aircraft for shooting video for the North American Eagle™ Congratulations Luc!


 Marcel, Jessi and Luc at 2014 GNRS


MarCel’s Custom Bodies for James Hetfield of Metalica: Aquarius and Black Pearl


Taylor and Luc De Lay at Alvord Lakebed Test Session

Catch the latest article of From Speed to Sound, featuring the story of designing the North American Eagle website.  Read More

FS2S DesigningNAE

Microsoft WPC 2015 Keynote: NAE starts at 30:56.  See Brandyn Bayes on stage with Microsoft CEO Satya Nedella.

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The LeMay Family Collection

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New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Family

lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon front 7 lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon front 1

At this year’s consumer electronic show everyone was talking about the incredible new ThinkPad X1 family of computers from Lenovo. Take a look at this super thin and light weight power house.

Afterburner Docking Stations

Lenovo is heavily embedded into our daily operations, with ThinkPads and ThinkStations providing support for website production, engineering consisting of mechanical and structural analysis and aerodynamic capabilities.

Lenovo Promo Photo
ThinkPad and ThinkStation

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Eric Wittler’s images were used in the Microsoft Ignite booth in Chicago.