In this update: Lenovo introduces new P50s ThinkPads

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 Big work party today as Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Chris Banks, Brandyn Bayes, Jason Mitchell, Steve Rima, Chris Greene, Omar Chramosta, Cory Mitchell and Von Armstrong met once again to work on the next world land speed record holder, The North American Eagle™
 Von Armstrong, Steve Rima and Cory Mitchell install a communications antenna
 Brandyn Bayes sets up our new Lenovo P50s ThinkPad
Crew Chief Les Holm runs the steering system

 Lars Pedersen adjusts return pressure on the steering hydraulic system

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Ed visually inspects front steering movement

 Busy weekend as work continues on the Eagle.  Steve Rima, Cory Mitchell and Von Armstrong installed a new communications antenna in the nose cone of the car.  Ed and Jessi will now be able to communicate with the entire team. Safety on emergency response will be greatly improved.  Work continues on the steering system.  It is quite complicated and the best minds in the country are working on it. When this project is over the entire team will be able to work in the hydraulics industry.


Sponsor Highlight – New Lenovo ThinkPad P50s


Today, we welcome the brand new Lenovo ThinkPad P50s to the North American Eagle™ family of computers!  Combining the power of a workstation with the portability of an ultrabook, it makes for the perfect combination.  With Power Bridge technology built-in, you can keep going all day without having to find a wall outlet.  Keep an eye out on our website and Social Media channels for more videos and reviews of the new ThinkPad P50s.  Learn more about this soon to be available machine by visiting Lenovo’s Website!

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