In this update:  Snafu repeated; Rear axle work continues; Team keeps grinding away and highlights from the NW Bonneville Racers Reunion

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Signing in for Saturday stuff today:  Steve Wallace, Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Les Holm,  Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene, Sam Yellowbird, Rich Pengelley, Omar Chramosta, Larry Martinson and John Winchester.


Light This Candle!


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Our guests today were Brad Choate and Jacob Arnold.  Steve and Von were all smiles as their nearly 3 year old grandson (and great grandson), Jacob,  explored the hangar, ate a hot dog, and did the thumbs up from the cockpit of the North American Eagle™.

Keith and Les lost some more hair this weekend, as once again we have been unable to complete the LevX® Magnetic Braking.  The vendor shipped a mis-identified valve.  We keep on trying to get the right valve for the water cooled braking system..we will prevail.



Steve spent a long weekend working on the National Instruments data system.  Today was centered on the steering position sensors.

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The rear axle strut assembly  is coming together.  Steel being measured, fabricated,  torch cut, drilled, and fitted.  Sam Yellowbird brought in an industrial strength, heavy duty, big Mamou, German made, hand held power grinder.  Rich took it in stride.  If there is steel to be ground, stand back and let the sparks  fly.

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Chief Warrant Officer John Winchester, US Army (ret)

John Winchester came in and packed the remaining parachutes. In the last couple months, John has been making improvements on the deployment bag and other modifications.  John Winchester, US Army (ret) brings to the team 23 years of experience as Master Parachute Rigger. He was a Chief Warrant Officer and served in the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.  He was responsible for thousands of lives and on the North American Eagle™ his work continues.

Northwest Bonneville Racers Reunion

Bonneville Reunion04

An Eric Wittler Photo was Auctioned Off

Bonneville Reunion01 Bonneville Reunion02
Bonneville Reunion03 Bonneville Reunion05

Last weekend Ed and Cam Shadle attended the 2013 Northwest Bonneville Racers Reunion in Portland OR.  At the event Ed put up for bid a photo taken by Eric Wittler that sold for $211.  It will now hang in the home of 300 mph Club Member Tanis Hammond.  All proceeds were donated to the El Mirage Ladies Auxiliary. Special thanks to Glenn Freudenberger for organizing the event and Ray The Rat for letting us use his photos.  You can see more of Ray’s work at The Bonneville Reunion page.

Camera Tips from The Professionals


Camera demonstration by Von Armstrong

And finally, a camera tip for all you amateur photographers out there.  Using nothing more than fluorescence lighting, Von was able to reflect the light off the heads of Keith and Rich and compose a beautiful photo.  In addition, a halo was placed around Rich’s head, adding additional mystery to the composition. This takes years to master.  Give it a try yourself at your next family gathering!

Ping Fu on PBS

Ping PBS

Ping Fu on PBS Tavis Smiley Show Jan 30, 2013


Ping Fu on Boomberg TV Jan 4, 2013


Inside Look at Geomagic and 3D Printing.  Bloomberg TV Jan 7, 2012

Long time sponsor on the North American Eagle™ is Geomagic Software.  Ping Fu, CEO is on a nation wide book tour and was on TV agiain!  Click on the images above for the broadcasts.  3D Systems has announced the purchase of Geomagic Software and Ping was on the show to talk about it. As if that weren’t enough, travelers flying on Southwest Airlines this month can reach into their seat pocket for Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine  and read about Ping in the Business Lesson page.  It is  great to be Ping!

CFD Webinar now on YouTube!


Click on the YouTube link above to watch the webinar

If you missed the live webinar on Wednesday November 7th, you can now watch it on YouTube.  Sponsored by Pointwise Software and CEI EnSight Software, listen to NAE’s aerodynamicist Darren Grove, along with Chris Sideroff, PhD from Pointwise and Kevin Coburn from CEI, talk about the Computation Fluid Dynamic studies taking place on the North American Eagle.™
The webinar is highly technical with a target audience in the aerospace industry, but non-technical viewers should be able to follow along and gain insight into the highly complex North American Eagle™ project.
About the Graphic: Metacomp CFD++ solution of the North American Eagle @ 700 MPH with design cycle 1 fairings. Composite image showing unstructured viscous mesh generated with Pointwise, overlaid by stream-wise velocity on ground & symmetry planes, vehicle surfaces colored by pressure and near surface streamlines using EnSight post-processing software.

Ping Fu, Founder and CEO of Geomagic,  has a new book


Ping Fu (next to Ed) and her sister Hong – Their story in a new book, Bend, Not Break.

121110d PingFu02

Bend, Not Break depicts a journey from imprisonment to freedom, and from the dogmatic anticapitalism of Mao’s China to the high-stakes, take-no-prisoners world of technology start-ups in the United States. It is a tribute to one woman’s courage in the face of cruelty and a valuable lesson on the enduring power of resilience.

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New Lenovo Video

Lenovo recently released a new video featuring the North American Eagle™ .  The NAE™  scenes were edited by Steve Wallace. Team NAE™  uses Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad for aerodynamic and engineering analysis.  Click on the photo below and watch this exciting video!

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Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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