February 11, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Front steering box work, speed brake door check, & front wheel reinstall were the tasks of the day at this work party.

Today’s Team NAE work crew included: Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Tom Tiede, Larry Martinson, Dustin Martinson, John Winchester, Steve Wallace, Sam Yellowbird, Omar Chramosta, and dropping by later in the afternoon were Levi Swett and Tanya Martinson.

120211a 120211b

Work began with shifting racks and equipment around in order to make a path out of the hangar for our American Valley Aviation start cart, which will be hauled over to Spanaway Airport. Space is needed for upcoming work on the rear fuselage suspension.

120211c 120211d

Scheduled for today was testing the operation of the speed brakes. The portable hydraulic pump was connected to the onboard hydraulic system and both speed brake doors were tested for open/close positions. The compartments were cleaned up and the mechanisms lubricated. All systems were go.

120211e 120211f
Ed and Keith took a time out in mid-morning to give a presentation to attendees at the High Performance Racing Seminar sponsored by the Armadillo Racing Association. They returned to the hangar in time for hot dogs and to give the team an update on their recent road trip to survey test run sites.

120211g 120211h
Work continued on modifications of the front wheel steering box. Additional compression spring units were welded to the inside of the box, which will assist steering control to return to center position. Once that was done the heavy unit was aligned and installed back into the fuselage, using a combination of jacks and blocks for the heavy lifting required. Some close work was needed to line up the locking pin and gain access for the securing bolts. Tanya Martinson arrived just in time to fit into those tight spaces and help get the job done. With the box in place, Keith gave some on-the-job coaching to Dustin, who learned how to use a torque wrench while putting the front wheel back in place.

120211i 120211k
There will be no work party next Saturday, Feb. 18th, due to various schedule activities.