In this update: Ring out the old and bring in the new!  Team NAE sends out our very best wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR

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A big turnout for the last work party of 2018; with Les Holm, Cory Mitchell, Andrew Kirk, Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Ken Broyles, Chris Green, Lars Pedersen, Marty Jackson, Zac Hopkins, Patricia Wood, John Drury, Sean Rondestvedt, Omar Chramosta, and Keith Zanghi all punching their time clock in for the last time this year.   Working virtual was Von Armstrong and Brandyn Bayes.

Ed Shadle at the Alvord 2016 Test Session

Photo used by permission. Copyright © 2016 Thomas “Pork Pie” Graf

2018 was a tough time for the North American Eagle® Team and the family of Ed Shadle.  The first of the year was ups and downs associated with different cancer treatments for Ed.  You start out with 100% optimism, but by the 3rd week of August, it just wasn’t going to happen.  Throughout the entire year, Ed was approving plans for the Eagle, for 2018 and beyond. Jessi Combs would take over as the primary driver and Ed asked Eric Wittler if he would like to start learning the basics in the event that Jessi changed her mind.

Despite all the bad happenings with Ed, a lot of good was taking place with the project.  Our very expensive Environmental study, in order to run at Diamond Valley, got approved a day into the new year.  We completed a History Channel Show called Speed Demons, that featured many of the team members as part of a two-hour production.  We got permits approved for Alvord Dry Lake Bed and tested in early September.

Even though we had to cut our test session short due to a door that malfunctioned at over 400 mph, Jessi Combs did knock off a very respectable 483.227 mph blast on a shakedown run.  We have secured all of the parts necessary to get the racer up and ready, and we will enter into 2019 with a solid plan by the end of February.  We’ll also be making improvements to our parachute and onboard fire suppression systems.

Les Holm presents an award to Paul Dries

2018 Excellence in Engineering Award to Paul Dries


The car is in pieces for the next couple of months


Fasteners getting organized

Lars Pedersen replaces a defective aft canopy latch


The new hydraulic bay door fits perfectly

This weekend, Les Holm traveled to Canada to present the 2018 Excellence in Engineering Award to Paul Dries.  Paul came in and completely re-engineered the steering system on the Eagle.  Jessi Combs had so much confidence in the makeover that she made a 483.227 mph shakedown run.  Paul couldn’t make it to the Christmas party to accept the award in person, so Les drove up to Canada and presented it to him.

On the last work party of the year, we had a very productive day.  Les has nearly finished the installation of the new hydraulic bay door that was damaged in last September’s test session.  Next week he’ll work on the hinge.  It should be ready for paint shortly.  Lars Pedersen replaced a damaged rear canopy mount that was found in a post-run inspection. Cory Mitchell, Ken Broyles, and Patricia Wood boxed up a number of J-79 parts that we no longer need. They will be returned to S&S Turbine Services.

Chris Greene made up a batch of new decals that we will apply on the car next week.  He also joined in a discussion concerning our parachute system. We will be making some improvements to it in the next month.


All the doors were opened this weekend

We packed up some engine parts that are no longer needed

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

Jessi Combs and Ed Shadle

This is one of our favorite photos of Ed.  This photo was taken at the Alvord 2013 Test Session.

Cover Photo: Copyright © 2018 Eric Wittler.  Used with permission

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