In this update:  Ushering out the old year;  bring on the new!

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Today Andrew Kirk, Cory Mitchell, Steve Rima, Lars Pedersen, John Drury, Von Armstrong,  Omar Chramosta, Les Holm, Steve and Libby Wallace,  Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle met for the last time in 2017 to work on the North American Eagle®  Ed and Andrew were busy doing maintenance work on the tractor.  Les, Andrew and Cory removed the front wheel so Lars could make modifications to the front steering box.  He is adding another fender liner that travels up and down with the front suspension.

Von, Ed and Susan West

Diana Kinsman and Kurt Hovrud

Visitors t0day included friends of Libby and Steve, who were given the Eagle tour and presented with some photo ops.  Diana Kinsman and Kurt Hovrud both got cockpit time after some persuasion.

Susan West brought champagne for the team


Former KOMO (ABC) Newscaster Susan West stopped by with a full bottle of champagne.  Didn’t take long before the entire team was getting an early start on toasting in the new year.  Susan is the former mayor of Normandy Park and currently sits on the Normandy Park city council.

Kurt Hovrud

Diana Kinsman

Andrew Kirk and Cory Mitchell

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S&S Turbine Services provides 45,500 horses for the Eagle

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