In this update: Mobilizer wheel bearings; Mid-wheel belly pan; Remembering Pete Moss

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Today Les Holm, Trish Wood, Lars Pedersen, Von Armstrong, Chris Greene, Cory Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, and Keith Zanghi were at the hangar preparing the North American Eagle® for the land speed record challenge.  Ed Shadle stopped by, but left for a Toys For Tots fund raising event.


RIP Pete Moss

This past week we lost Pete Moss.  He was our original sign maker from 2004 that did a lot of the graphics and lettering on the car, most notably on the vertical stabilizer and the names below the canopy.  Pete was a signmaker whose work adorn many a race car and a lot of local businesses in the Spanaway, Parkland and Tacoma areas.  A lost art with computers and printers nowadays, Pete was an old school sign maker with a steady hand.  Through out the years with driver changes and new paint we have had to call on Pete to make the revisions.  He always did with his great sense of humor.  We will miss you Pete, but your work will live on.


Chris and Jason hang up parachutes

Today Jason and Chris moved the parachutes to a new temporary holding rack.  Lars completed the new wheel hubs for the mobilizer.  Keith installed the mid-wheel belly pan he has been working on for 13 months!  Everything is ready to go for our next test run!

Next week there will be no work party as we celebrate 2017 with our annual Christmas Party.

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