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Jessi Combs flew up from Long Beach to attend

Today was one of our favorite days of the year as we held our annual Christmas breakfast celebration.  A great turnout of Team members and their families gathered once again in  the Senior Center at the LeMay Family  Collection at Marymount.  The afternoon consisted of a number of awards that were passed out and genuine renewal of friendships during the Christmas holidays.  Eric Wittler traveled from Nevada to pass out several  awards to team members who helped him out at Bonneville and El Mirage this year.  He also presented a special award to Ed Shadle.

This year we changed the criteria for the Velvet Hammer Award.  We are now going to include team members that do something that fundamentally reduces risk or improves safety.  This year we chose Steve Rima who was responsible for sorting out a very complicated steering system anomaly.  The Velvet Hammer Award was originally created by the late team member Ed Drumheller II.  This new criteria reflects  positive  outstanding achievements.

Jessi Combs took time out of her very busy schedule to attend this year’s event.  Having just cleaned off a ton of BAJA 1000 dirt from the week before, it was a real pleasure for her and  the rest of the team to renew friendships.

Les Holm presented the Russell Zanghi award for Commitment, Dedication and Perseverance to Ed Shadle

Steve Rima presented the Velvet Hammer

Steve Wallace was presented the Russell Zanghi Positive Inspiration Award


Sean Rondestvedt and Chris Greene


Tom Layson and Les Holm


Steve Rima presented the Velvet Hammer Award

Libby, Jacob, and Steve Wallace

Paul and Joan Dries

Wolfgang and Jessi signing prints

Jessi having fun with Steve Rima as Rich Pengelley looks on

Artist Eddie Harris signing one of his prints

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