In this update: A time for celebration –  Merry Christmas!

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Today we had our annual Christmas Celebration Event.  The room was at capacity with the largest group in 20 years; over 80 people in attendance!  Team members and their families had a great day of sharing their friendships in the busy holiday season.  Below are some of the photos we thought you would enjoy.

Jessi Combs is presented with the Russell Zanghi Inspiration Award

A very surprised Jessi Combs receives the Russell Zanghi Inspiration Award

Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, and Cory Mitchell win special recognition awards

Les Holm presents Excellence in Engineering to Paul Dries

Excellence in Engineering to Paul Dries

Eric Wittler receives a special recognition award from Lars Pedersen

Award to Eric Almost Famous Wittler

A number of awards were presented in this truly remarkable year.  Jessi Combs received the Russell Zanghi Inspirational Award.  After driving high speed runs in the 2016 tests, she returned this year, stepping up and filling the shoes of Ed Shadle as the lead driver.  Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, and Cory Mitchell each received a beautiful Eddie Harris original print for their work at the 2018 Alvord Test Session. They worked through some very stressful troubleshooting sessions and kept on task to correct a problem found during testing.

Eric Wittler was given special recognition for being our HERO during the year. Les Holm presented the Excellence in Engineering Award to Paul Dries for his work on the steering system.

Candy, Elaine, and Cam Shadle each received a beautiful Eddie Harris print of Ed and his roadster

Elaine Shadle receives an autographed photo from Ed’s Celebration of Life event 

                                                             The team all signed a photo taken by Eric Wittler at Ed’s Celebration of Life and presented it to Elaine.  Each member of the team also got a copy



Debbie Holm brought in a whole bunch of homemade cookies




Ethan and Jacob doing some climbing          Corey Dawson and his family with Brandyn Bayes poking his head up!


Rich Pengelley and Eric Wittler on the left.  Jason Mitchell and his family.


Jessi and her son on the left, and Kyesun and Patricia sharing the Christmas Spirit


Von Armstrong and Omar Chramosta testing the coffee

Terry Madden shows Jessi Combs where her custom NAE bracelet came from

Dan Moore, Sheryl Clark, and Libby Wallace

Merry Christmas to Everyone and a Happy New Year!

Chris from Odyssey Battery and co-worker of Cory Mitchell, stopped by to see the Eagle

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle

Les Holm, Ed Shadle, Eric Wittler and Cam Shadle

Ed was an avid skier and could outski most of the people on the hill.  This photo above was taken February 16, 2014 at Crystal Mountain Ski Area in Washington State.

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