In this update: Hydraulic Bay Door fitted;  new WARN Winch installed

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WARN Decal      

Today Les Holm, Andrew Kirk, Lars Pedersen, Omar Chramosta, Trish Wood and Keith Zanghi were at the hangar on a beautiful Saturday to continue work on the North American Eagle®.  Working virtual this week were Von Armstrong, Chris Banks, and Brandyn Bayes.

Andrew making ready to mount a new WARN Industries PV45 Winch

Out with the old and in with the new!

A small crew this weekend as many of the team members have already begun preparing for the Christmas season.  This week Les Holm fitted the new hydraulics bay door to the Eagle.   A lot of sanding and checking to get the door to fit the opening.  It was an early Christmas for Andrew as he unwrapped a new WARN Industries PV45 winch. We swapped out the old WARN Winch with this new improved model.  We saw the ProVantage 4500 (PV45) at SEMA 2018, submerged in a fish tank, and we figured if this could survive underwater it should be pretty darn good in the harsh desert environment.  WARN Industries agreed and sent us one to test out.  We use the WARN Industries PV45 to secure the 14,000 lb Eagle onto the mobilizer.  The team has been utilizing WARN Winches since the very beginning of the project.  WARN Winches are used to pull the Eagle into the trailer.

Jessi Combs is the WARN Industry spokesperson

Andrew also removed a bunch of decals with team members names that were deemed to be too small.  Larger name decals will be applied next week.  We’re making some improvements to our fuel system.  We just acquired an F-104 fuel filter and spare shutoff valve.  We will replace the shop built filter that we fabricated years ago, with a factory unit.  The new filter is designed and built for this application and we’re looking forward to the installation in the next month.

Les Holm sanding the edge of the new door

Adjusting the upper latch mounts

Andrew removes old decals so new larger ones can be applied

New fuel filter arrives with a spare shutoff valve

Our favorite Ed Shadle photo

Rob Martinson, Keith Zanghi, Shauna and Tom Pengelley, Ed Shadle, and Sean Rondestvedt

From October of 2007, we bring you this photo from inside Bev’s Tavern in Gerlach, NV.  We were testing the car at Black Rock for the very first time with our brand new wheels.  It was the tenth anniversary of the ThrustSSC record-setting 763 mph run and many of the team members from that group were in town celebrating. Also attending that week were Craig Breedlove and Rosco McGlashan, who shared their experiences and accepted Ed into the land speed family.

It was also a week of love.  Tom Pengelley, one of our truck drivers at the time, managed to talk a girl he had just starting to see to come along for the week-long adventure in the desert.  Not something most women would look forward to.  The story has a happy ending when they were married a few years later!  Shauna has always given Ed credit for bringing them both together.  Like Craig and Rosco, Ed took Shauna into the North American Eagle® family and made her feel welcome.  Below are some more photos from that week and night.

Craig Breedlove, Rosco McGlashan, and Ed Shadle

Ed Shadle, Dave Green and Rosco McGlashan

Tom Pengelley and Rosco McGlashan

Shauna and Tom Pengelley Wedding Day

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45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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