In this update: Salute to our veterans; Engine re-install; Chips and parachutes flying

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Today we took on the task of re-installing the gigantic 45,500 hp S&S Turbine Services J-79 Turbojet engine.  Les Holm, Corey Mitchell, Andrew Kirk, Keith Zanghi, Steve Rima, Trish Wood, Ed Shadle, David Martinson and Lars Pedersen were on hand to perform the work.  Von Armstrong was working virtual this week.


We debuted our new flag celebrating our nation’s armed forces.  From here on, everyday we are at the North American Eagle™ hangar we will proudly fly the flag in honor of those that serve(d).  It features the five branches of the military service.

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David Martinson

Earlier in the week, Ed Shadle, Les Holm, David Martinson and Keith Zanghi removed the rear tail cone in preparation for the engine installation on the upcoming  weekend.

img_3560  img_3554

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Also earlier in the week, Lars Pedersen was busy machining some new wheel hubs for an opportunity we discovered on our last test session.  The changes will improve safety on our mobilizer.


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Engine Installed

 This weekend’s primary focus was re-installing the engine.  The process was completed without a hitch.  Before leaving we hooked up the hydraulics, torqued the engine mounts and safety wired the nuts.


Chris Greene was busy hanging all the parachutes up in preparation of a wash job in their future.  We will flip coins on who will be bringing them home to wash!