December 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this update: Team members unite to map out the final aerodynamic configuration of the North American Eagle™.

With most of the team members enjoying a week off between Christmas and New Years, it was a good time for everyone to meet in a mid-week planning session on how to proceed with the final aerodynamic configuration of the car, an essential factor for super sonic speed runs .  Traveling all the way from Abbottsford BC, Steve Green from Eagle Machine, Inc joined up with Bill Eckberg, Steve Wallace, Darren Grove,  Omar Chramosta, Don Mitchell, and Ed Shadle.  They made use of an old fashioned  blackboard to lay out the parameters needed for the final aerodynamic design and then switched to high tech.

111229a 111229b
111229d 111229e

Darren began with a summary of the aerodynamic analysis, using our Lenovo Series C ThinkStation and cranking out CFD Solutions using Metacomp CFD++ software.   A wealth of good information came forward as the rules of brainstorming commenced throughout the afternoon.  By the end of the day a good plan was put in place, ready for execution.  The North American Eagle™ headquarters will be busy in the next few months as work progresses towards our goal of breaking the world land speed record in 2012.


Special guests today were the two boys of team members Craig and Kimberly McNamee.  They saw the Eagle for the very first time and  were excited to get home and join the North American Eagle™ Facebook page.