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The last work party for 2013 was the culmination of a very busy week that had many of the team members remembering what boot camp was like; with all the bruises, sore muscles, and fatigue from the cold.  Today Chris Greene, Omar Chramosta, Brandyn Bayes, Jon Higley, Jason Mitchell, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle were on hand.  Von Armstrong is working viritual on the website today.

Jason Mitchell, Chris Greene and Les Holm

2013 was a great year,highlighted by  a very successful test session at the Alvord Desert in October.  The car ran straight as an Ojibway Arrow and was the first time the vehicle was put back in the trailer and still ran!  For those that were there, the team worked together like a Superbowl Championship team;  coming away with a laundry list of improvements that should make 2014 even better!  As we bid farewell to 2013 and look forward to 2014, we can’t help but be excited over what the new year will bring! In mid June we will put Jessi Combs back in the cockpit and break the FIM record.  Then a few months later Ed Shadle will break the FIA record.  

131228a 131228h
Jason Mitchell, Chris Greene and Les Holm Chris Greene
131228i 131228y
Les Holm Les Holm and Ed Shadle

One of the action items needing improvement is how we get the car on and off of the mobilizer.  During our test runs, with only a 1/4 inch of travel on the front steering, we utilized a mobilizer to turn the car around and get it into position for a 2nd run in the opposite direction. This involves lifting a very heavy hydraulic jack out of the truck and then dragging it into position; as illustrated by Jessi Combs.

Jessi Pulling Jack
Jessi Combs getting a lot of help from her teammates

During our test session we wrote down ideas on how to improve operations.  One of those that made the cut was building an integral jack, one similiar to what Indy Cars use during a pit change. For the past couple of weeks we have been working on just such a system. We have to give a big thank you to Central Welding Supply and their family of businesses: Pacific Welding Supply, and Xpress Cryogenics, for helping us with all of our machines and consumables.  

Today the team finished up the final welding of all internal structural components. The design was critical because more than 6000 lbs of North American Eagle™ has to be transferred evenly throughout the body.  Next week we will work on the hydraulic plumbing and finishing off the lower body panels where the foot of the hydraulic ram retracts into the vehicle.  When operational, the integrated jacking system will be a huge improvement on safety, ergonomics and turnaround time between runs. 

131228j 131228w

Steve Rima has been working on one of those action items that will improve vehicle reliablity and performance. Since day one we have been installing the nose cone of the vehicle and individually hooking up all of the plumbing from the pitot tube, and the electrical connections from the Tropos Broadband Routers. Steve has now made everything with quick disconnects. Next week he will color code them for a mistake proof system.

131228b 131228ev
Jon fabricated all the mile markers Jon Higley

 When Jessi Combs and Ed Shadle are traveling at the cruise speed of a Boeing 747, they don’t have a lot of time to look at the airspeed indicator on the instrument panel. Their concentration is outside the forward windshield.  One thing they do see is the work of Jon Higley. Jon has fabricated all the mile markers used on each test run.  With no visual clues outside for reference, the only thing Jessi and Ed can rely on are the large numbered mile maker signs.  Today Jon built more markers, needed when Ed breaks the FIA land speed record next year.  Jon also maintains our STEAM presence on the website (STEAM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).  Look for changes this year, especially with our HP Graphing & Scientific Calculators.

131228dv 131228fv
Ed Shadle and Jason Mitchell Chief Master Sergeant Omar Chramosta
Jason Mitchell helps functional test the internal bridge crane

Jason, Omar and Ed spent a lot of time working on the hydraulics of the LevX® Race Car Transporter. One of the hydraulic drive motors has been acting up and we now think it has been corrected.  Functional tests say we are good to go!

Brandyn Bayes gave demos of the new website

Our Director of Information Technology, Brandyn Bayes, has been very busy.  Always keeping up with technology and expanding our social networking prescence, Brandyn will be unveiling our new website next month.   It will be easier to navigate and we think you will be really excited to see it.  More to come.

 Many of our team members have been working virtually and outside the warmth of the Eagle hanger the last couple of weeks.  Steve Green in Canada has been making some modifications to our rear axle to improve airflow and system reliablility.  Chris Plass has his Lenovo ThinkStation with Dassault Systemes Catia V5 ready to go.  Darren Grove has been running CFD Flow Solutions with his Lenovo ThinkStation and Metacomp CFD++ flow solver. Don Mitchell has his Lenovo ThinkStation loaded with Dassault Systemes Catia V5 and Geomagic Studio to convert point clouds into surfaces.  Joe Hansen has been running his lathe and mills doing some emergent machining work for our mid-axles.

Everyone is working towards our near term goals of our next public appearence at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona California at the end of next month, and our upcoming desert test session in June.  2014 here we come!

Jessi Combs Video: The List #0393: Break A Land Speed Record


Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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For all of our Android users, we have released an updated version of NAE Mobile, which now includes Android 4.4 KitKat Compatibility!  You can download the update by going to the Google Play Store and downloading the update.

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