December 17, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Magnetos, magnetic drill presses and magnetic brake cooling; Repair to hydraulic jacks as the final update of 2011 is published.

On the last working Saturday before the holidays, today’s team members were:  Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Rich Pengelley, Omar Chramosta, John Winchester and John Drury.

Work continued on several to do tasks in progress.  Ed disassembled the magneto for our reserve start cart and, after inspection, put all the parts back together with none left over.

111217a copy 111217b copy
111217c copy 111217d copy

One of our big floor jacks was modified with new hoisting hardware.  The former hardware presented a clearance problem that could possibly damage the  car’s under fuselage. That hardware was cut off and a new nut was relocated and welded in place with a bolt and shackle assembly. This will make trailer loading and unloading the jack a safer operation. Thanks to the help of the folks at Welders-Direct and Central Welding Equipment, the job was made easy.

 111217e copy

A long time friend of Ed, Tom Jensen, donated a valuable piece of equipment to the project.  The oft used phrase..”right tool for the right job” proved out today.  The heavy duty Milwaukee Magnetic Drill arrived just in time. It was used to drill through the thick tail cone spacer plate with ease, and opened a route for the water line that will provide a cooling spray for the rear braking system. Rich and Omar made certain of the exact drilling location with a template that captured it spot on.

111217f copy 111217g copy

Closing out the work day, our more than 12 ton North American Eagle™ was once again raised up on jack stands and preparations made for removing the front wheel steering compartment box.  This will await the passing of the Christmas Holidays and the new year that will usher in a renewed and continued effort by Team NAE in our quest for setting a new world landspeed record.

111217h copy 111217i copy

111217j copy

Wishing all of our many friends and sponsors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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