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Today most of the team met for our annual Christmas breakfast and year end meeting.  As usual, the Marymont Senior Center located on the grounds of the LeMay Family Collection provided delicious breakfast of pancakes, ham and eggs.


As in previous years, today’s meeting included the presentation of many awards.  The Velvet Hammer Award created by Ed Drumheller II is presented  to the team member who embarrased himself the most or made a goof up that didn’t kill himself in the process!  It is all in good fun. Over the years previous winners have driven through metal fences, started things on fire, and sustained injuries to themselves and/or the Eagle.  This year the award went to Lars Slick Pedersen, who managed to drop a 2 gallon bucket of used hydraulic fluid on Ed!  Too bad we didn’t have a video!

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A much more desirable new award that will become an annual event was the presentation of the Russell Zanghi Positive Inspiration Award.  The creation of Crew Chief Les Holm, the award will be given once a year for the team member who provides positive inspiration throughout the year.  Named in the honor of Keith’s dad Russell, it was a complete surprise.  As usual Keith had a few things to say during the emotional presentation.  The beautiful clear trophy glows red when light is applied and carrys an etched photo of Russ.  This year’s recipient  is Lars Pedersen.  A retired machinist, Lars travels an hour and a half each Saturday to the hangar. During those days he often comes up with new ideas, and by the next weekend comes back with a solution or improvement he created in his machine shop. A well deserved recipient  of the inaugural award.

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Normally the award presenter, Ed found himself on the receiving end of a trophy this day.  Les Holm along with a consipiracy of others, came up with the North American Eagle™ I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING AWARD.   Ed received the award for nearly burning down the trailer one summer day when he was doing some wiring.  It turns out Ed also was the person that provided the name for the award.  He was heard saying, just before the smoke filled the parking lot, “I know what I am doing.”  Built from the original wires removed from the fire and obtained from the Pierce County Fire District, they were mounted on a polished wooden  base. The prize will be put on the shelf at Ed’s home along with his other prized possesions!  Applications are being passed out now for next years recipient.


Christmas Festivities

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After breakfast,  many of the team members went over to the hanger.  Dave Selby did a functional test on the American Valley Aviation M32-60B start cart.


Microsoft WPC 2015 Keynote: NAE starts at 30:56.  See Brandyn Bayes on stage with Microsoft CEO Satya Nedella.

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