December 10, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this week’s update: Annual Christmas breakfast as team gathers to count our blessings, listen to a world class Classical guitarist, and eat lots of pancakes!

Every year the team meets to celebrate the years activities and do so with all of our families. A record breaking crowd as the LeMay Senior Center folks kept going to the back room to bring out more tables and chairs.

In addition to listening to a recoup of 2011 accomplishments from Ed and Keith, everyone was treated to the musical talents of longtime North American Eagle™ friend, Craig Dell.

Craig is a 45 year veteran of the guitar, has studied and performed the styles of Classical, Flamenco and Impressionistic, as well as Folk, Ethnic and Progressive guitar. Accomplished in all these areas, he has played solo performances at Carnegie Hall…twice. We were honored for him to play for us.

This year’s Velvet Hammer Award went to Chris Greene. Eric Wittler won long distance award as he drove from Carson City, NV.











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