Lots of visitors this weekend.  Preparations for upcoming test session.

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Today Von Armstrong, Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Lars Pedersen, Ed Shadle, Keith Zanghi, Les Holm, Jason and Corey Mitchell, and Omar
Chramosta checked in to the hangar.



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 Lots a visitors this weekend.  Steve & Libby’s daughter LaurenChoate, and friend, Kathy Galvin stopped by.  Keith’s brother Dave and his boy Jordan, and Dave Martinson’s friend all got a tour of the Eagle.

David Clark

 Steve Rima and Les Holm did a functional test of the David Clark communication system. Steve installed a new communication box in the Eagle and today’s test verified the system.

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Steve Rima installed a remote switch to operate the hydraulic systems on the car.  In the past we were limited by the switch in the driver compartment.  The additional switch now gives an option when in the field.


Earlier in the week a Team from Microsoft dropped by the hangar.  The North American Eagle and Microsoft are partnering on some new technology.