In this update: 7Ps – Proper prior planning to prevent piss poor performance – Bonneville 2018

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Today Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Omar Chramosta, Lars Pedersen, Trish Wood, Les Holm, Andrew Kirk, Cory Mitchell and Keith Zanghi were on hand getting things ready for the big day. Ed Shadle and Von Armstrong were working virtual.  It was another beautiful day to work on the North American Eagle®


Topcon Positioning Systems know precisely where the Eagle is at all times

Steve Wallace communicates to the Eagle from the Comm Van


Nose cone hooked up to test Topcon Positioning System

Tropos Routers send data from the Eagle to the Comm Van

This week we spent some time getting things ready, testing equipment and loading the trailer.  Steve Wallace tested the Topcon Positioning System by hooking up the nose cone to the car and turning on the ABB Tropos Mesh  Routers. Even though it has been over a year, everything worked perfectly!  He even tested the onboard camera system and was able to view the cockpit of the Eagle from his computer!

Meanwhile, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Andrew Kirk and Cory Mitchell were busy loading the trailer with the nose cone and body panels.  In the next couple of weeks we will be loading the Eagle.

Steve Rima testing repeaters

Steve Rima was busy getting our radios in order, including checking SWR and repeaters.  He had to set up an antenna in the parking lot and connect to the Comm Van.  Just like the other Steve, everything worked perfectly!

Cory Mitchell reinstalls one of the body panels

Chief Master Sergeant Omar Chramosta USAF (Ret) stands guard

Bonneville 2018

Canadian Shawn Driver’s 880 Team at Bonneville 2017

Next week is Speed Week 2018.  Land speed racers from all over the world arrive at one of the most beautiful spots in America.  The world’s fastest race course: The Bonneville Salt Flats.  This year many of the North American Eagle® Team members will be helping out land speed racer Shawn Driver from Canada.  Les Holm, Loren Holm, Lars Pedersen and Eric Wittler will be on the salt all week helping Shawn set a new land speed record and earn a spot in the 2 club (200 mph).  We wish them lots of luck.  We’ll have some updates next week.

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