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Today Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Zac Hopkins, Steve Wallace, Cam Shadle, Steve Rima, David Martinson, Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene, Marty Jackson, and Jason Mitchell were on hand to finish final preparations to put Jessi Combs in the record books.   Working virtual this weekend was Brandyn Bayes and Von Armstrong.  Eric Wittler was working in Nevada.

Keith Zanghi and Kevin Underhill

Special guest this week was Kevin Underhill, a Seattle Firefighter out of Burien WA.  Keith was best friends with his late father Mark,  and has known Kevin since he was about 4 years old.

Eric Wittler

Jon Higley transfers fuel to the start cart

It was a busy weekend at the hangar as the crew prepares the car for record runs next month.  With many team members headed to Bonneville for Speedweek this coming week, it was important to knock off the small remaining tasks on our list of items to complete.   Eight hundred miles south, Eric Wittler was busy cutting firewood for our upcoming test session.

The team began the process of loading the trailer, starting with the giant rear axle assembly.  Jason Mitchell removed several of the upper body panels and performed a final FOD inspection.  After all the work in the two compartments last month, it was time to do one final inspection, checking for any loose items.

Zac Hopkins, a contractor and carpenter during the week, fabricated some plywood panels to help with the loading process of the Eagle.  Zac and Jon got them painted and they are ready to go.

Chris Greene and David Martinson were busy fabricating some last-minute modifications.  Chris added two speed bubbles to gain some clearance for the new parachute canisters, which now extend about 1/2 inch below the parachute belly pan.  Chris is a fabricator at Wicked Fabrication, one of the country’s finest custom car builders.  David Martinson did final welding of our new seat belt mounts.  He then moved on to adding some strength modifications to the mobilizer.  The mobilizer is used to move the Eagle around on the lakebed.  David is a welder at Art Morrison Enterprises and builds custom car undercarriages during the week.  The modifications to the mobilizer are in his wheelhouse.   Special thanks to Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supply.

Steve Wallace and Steve Rima worked on the car’s electronics.  Steve Wallace added a 2nd Topcon Positioning Systems antenna.  The positioning system has now been calibrated and certified with the help of Topcon Engineers.

Jason Mitchell secures the Eagle panels

Steve Wallace and Steve Rima

David Martinson holds the finished welded seat harness mounts


David Martinson and Chris Greene were busy in the weld shop


Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle: Eddie Harris Paintings

Ed Shadle and Eddie Harris

Our favorite photos this week are portraits painted by Eddie Harris.  Eddie painted the livery on the North American Eagle®.  Two years ago Eddie painted the Eagle in its current form, and former life as a chase plane at Edwards AFB.  Following Ed’s death, Eddie painted a beautiful portrait of Ed and his roadster; recognizing his 200 mph club achievement.

Eddie Harris presents the Ed Shadle Portrait to his wife Elaine, and kids Candy and Cam

This week cover photo Copyright © 2013 Eric Wittler. Used with permission

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