In today’s Update: Steering Success!  Upcoming Webinar this week.

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Today Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Steve Rima, Cory Mitchell, Omar Chramosta and Trish Wood were working hard at the hangar today in preparation of our upcoming test session.  Von Armstrong and Paul Dries were working virtual.  You can participate in the webinar by clicking on the banner above!


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This coming Thursday Ed Shadle, Don Mitchell and Keith Zanghi will be participating in a Dassault Systèmes webinar talking about 3DExperience and its  use with the success of the North American Eagle® project.  Special thanks to Bob Garrison at Idex Solutions and Amy Payne from Dassault Systèmes.

Special visitor today was Princess Kyesun

Steve Rima solders in a new wire



Today was a very good day at the North American Eagle ® hangar.  Steve Rima and the rest of the team has been troubleshooting the electronic steering system for over a month.  A computer module was sent to Paul Dries in Canada a couple of times for evaluation, but it always came back good…the problem is somewhere else.  Today Steve Rima discovered the problem and it turned out to be a bad USB connector! For many of us, this would have been way down at the bottom of the list if at all.  Once the trouble shooting test showed it so, Steve replaced the cable and voila, everything worked!


After everything was re-worked Lars Pedersen attached the laser alignment tool and the team proceeded to set center location and verify side to side steering.  It was a complete success!  Never before has our steering worked so good.  It took a lot of tries, but perseverance rises to the occasion.

Andrew painting access panels

Andrew Kirk and Keith Zanghi sanded and re-painted the remaining access panels on the car.  They get pretty beat up from the playa dirt at 500 mph and now they look great!

Ed getting the roadster ready for the 2017 World Finals at Bonneville

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