In this update: Preparations for test runs and Post Bonneville Report

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Today Les Holm, Ed Shadle, Steve Rima, Corey Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, Lars Pedersen and  Keith Zanghi started pre-loading the trailer and racks in preparation for our upcoming test session in October.  Next week we will announce a new High School Intern starting with the team. The North American Eagle™ project has been working with young adults in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) since the start of the project.


Special guest this weekend was Katie Mitchell who stopped by the shop.

Upcoming Television Show on PBS

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Last month the Eagle was on The Science Channel.  This month the local PBS channel, KBTC TV will air a half hour show on their very popular series Northwest Now.   Tune in September 23, 2016 at 7pm and see the half hour interview.

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Les Holm and David Martinson

Bonneville 2016

A large group of NAE team members traveled to Utah to attend Speed Week at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats.   John Drury, Jerry Lamb, Steve Green, Lars Pedersen, David Martinson, Keith Zanghi, Cam Shadle and Ed Shadle were on hand.  Go to our gallery page and see photo highlights of the event.


The mission for Ed Shadle’s 762 Roadster at Bonneville 2016 was to certify two team members for their competition license.  Les Holm and David Martinson were prepared mentally and physically for this year’s Speed Week.  The first step was to bring the car and driver to tech inspection.  Both Les and David demonstrated that they could exit the car in a timely manner.  Next was to attend the new driver orientation meeting and then drive the course.


Les and Cam get Ed ready to run

After doing a shakedown pass,  Les climbed in the driver’s seat and began phase one of his completion license by running the car up to, but not exceeding 125 mph.  After he was done, David did the same thing.  Both passed and celebrated  the removal of the big red “R” on their helmet.  Our own Steve Green is also one of the official starters at Bonneville.  It was his job to send the guys off.


Keith Zanghi and Steve Green


Ky and Buddy  Michaelson

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The Rocket Boys from Minnesota stopped by many times during the week.  Ky and Buddy Michaelson were a lot of fun to have around.  Ky told many of his stories of when he was a stunt man in the movie industry.  Several  team members were admitted to the hospital with gut aches from laughing so hard!  At the annual 200 mph Club banquet, everyone on the team met up with Craig Breedlove.

Visit our Gallery Page under the Media button and see a number of photos from Speed Week.