In this update: Canadians are in the house; Parachute packing; Steering work continues

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On another beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, David Martinson, Von Armstrong, Chris Greene, Omar Chramosta,  Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi to put finishing touches on the North American Eagle® in preparation of this years test session.  Steve’s grandson, Jacob Arnold, came in to give us a hand and is learning some of the duties of the team.  Paul Dries, our Canadian expert on steering systems was working virtual from up North.

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Chris Greene becomes the newest Bonneville Racer

David Martinson, Chris Greene, Ed Shadle, Les Holm and Shawn Driver

Team Shawn Driver

Ed, Rita, Miss Daisy (Donna), Shawn Driver

Ian, Tom, and David Martinson

Lots of visitors today.  Special guests this week were Ed’s granddaughter Heather, and her friend Earl.  Also stopping by on their way back from Bonneville Speed Week were Canadian racer Shawn Driver, Miss Daisy and Rita.  David Martinson came by with his coworker at Art Morrison Enterprises, Tom and his son Ian.

Jacob Arnold

Steve Rima’s dad Keith stopped by



Steve Wallace and Steve Rima

The two Steves continued work on the steering system.  The 12 volt coil arrived earlier in the week and they installed it.

Von, Jacob, Steve, and Lars

Lars took up a position at the cockpit bulkhead. He was making critical adjustments to the steering linkage, necessary for assuring that the steering control stick returns to center after turning movements.



Chris Greene was here taking things much slower than he did at Bonneville speed week.  He was certified at 176.902 mph on his stock motorcycle. Today he was carefully packing speed chutes in the hangar.

Keith celebrated his 1 yr retirement anniversary

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Bernard Charlès and Phillip Forestier at COE

Mr. Charlès is the Vice Chairman , CEO and Mr. Forestier is the EVP, Global Affairs and Communities.  Dassault Systèmes is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle®, providing CATIA design Software solutions, working closely with IDEX Solutions.  We have made numerous appearances at COE Conventions in Las Vegas and Orlando, along with The European CATIA Forum in Paris France.

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