In this update: Firming up plans, system checks, and more trailer loading

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Big turnout today on a sunny Northwest weekend.  Steve Wallace, Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, Libby Wallace, Andrew Kirk, Les Holm, Chris Green, Omar Chramosta, Cory Mitchell, Keith Zanghi and Lars Pedersen were on hand to continue preparations for the North American Eagle® test session.  Ed Shadle was working from home.  Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie were busy in Nevada.  Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks working virtual.

Great Team photo from Bonneville 2018

Keith adding fittings to the hydraulic test pump

Wrapping up final fixes

Les Holm leads a discussion on the upcoming test session

There is always a time crunch when the days dwindle down to a precious few (as the old song goes) and time nears for loading up and heading for the desert.  This Saturday the day began with a team discussion of what remains to be done, when to do it, and how.  The logistics are really challenging when it comes to loading the trailers, assigning drivers, and planning how to get everything down to our desert test site and set up for the runs.

Special guest today, Tristian!

Trish brought her grandson to the shop today, a very bright and interested visitor.  He enjoyed some cockpit time.

Chris Greene and Trish Woods packing chutes

Chris Greene packing parachutes

Lots more to fit in there before the car goes in

Jon Higley and the two Steves worked on the Comm Van

More work on the comm van today and it is road ready for the trip down.  Oil and air filter change. Things are ready to go!

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