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On hand today;  Cam Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Cory Mitchell, Jason Mitchell, David Martinson,  Marty Jackson, Garrett Holm, Von Armstrong,  Jon Higley,  Zac Hopkins, Ken Broyles, and John Drury.  Eric Wittler and Russ Powrie were working in Nevada.  Chris Greene was working at his shop.  Brandyn Bayes was working virtual.

Les Holm, Shawn Driver, Donna Gray, and Lars Pedersen

Les Holm with Shawn Driver’s Studebaker

Keith Zanghi and Rick VanderWaal

Keith Zanghi and Bob Jensen

George Leone and his nephew Max

I think we left the open house sign up because we had a whole bunch of wonderful visitors today. During the previous two weeks, Les Holm and Lars Pedersen have been hanging out with Shawn Driver and Donna Gray at the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed week. Les and Lars are part of Shawn Driver’s superfast Bonneville racer.

A longtime coworker of Keith Zanghi, Rick VanderWaal stopped by.  Keith and Rick worked together for nearly 30 years at Boeing.  Also stopping by was Bob Jensen. Bob is an expert on CNC machines and has several patents on machining technology.

Finally, our attorney George Leone from Citadel Patent Law stopped by to see the car with his nephew Max from New Jersey. We also had Steve Larkin and Dale Zlock stop by but we forgot to take photos.  It is always great to have visitors and to be able to tell about what is new.

Milton-Freewater Oregon Rural Fire Department

We are pleased to announce Jamie Bland from the Milton-Freewater, OR Rural Fire Department will be on hand with one of their brush trucks pictured above. It  has 500 gallons of water and a foam unit built in.  You can visit their Facebook Page here.


It was load up day at the North American Eagle® hangar today.  Before too long we will be out on the lakebed helping Jessi Combs set some records.



Les Holm monitoring the load process

Jason buttons up the trailer

Meanwhile, 650 miles south in Dayton, Nevada….

Brand new 24-foot trailer

In the olden days, wagon trains headed west always had a vehicle dedicated to food, called the chuck wagon.  We have one also, owned by our own Eric Wittler.  For the past month, Eric and Russ Powrie have been cutting wood, and filling the 24-foot trailer with food and supplies.  In the desert you can often hear Where’s Eric ? when our stomachs start rumbling louder than a J-79.

  Full of food

Special Thanks Section

Thanks to Eric McClain for lending us his tractor


Jason Mitchell rolls in the Central Welding Supply Lincoln MIG welder

Thanks again to The Truck Shop in Auburn WA

Special thanks to Darrien from Burien Upholstery who did some heavy duty sewing for us

Special thanks to Steve Small from Small & Sons Oil Distributing for all the fuel

Thank you Walrath Trucking 

Chris Greene was busy printing out decals for our new sponsors

Our Favorite Photos of Ed Shadle – Alvord 2016

Ed Shadle, John Drury, Lars Pedersen, and Don Mitchell

As we prepare to head once again to our Oregon test site, we remember 2016.  On the very last day of load out, the winds came up and really caused havoc.  We had one of our mile markers blown down and we never found it until a month later.  The above photo was taken after all the work was done.  Everyone was ready for a shower!  Young boys play in the dirt and I guess old boys do too.

2016 was the last time Ed drove the Eagle

Ed and cousin David Martinson at the end of his last run

Bill Doner – Consummate Drag Racing Promoter – RIP


Bill Doner and Jerry The King Ruth

He changed the life of many people, including many members of the North American Eagle® team.   Bill Doner was the undisputed Drag Racing Promotor of the last century, on tracks up and down the west coast.

Spanaway Airport RIP

Our first test site is no more

Looking South

Looking North

This week’s cover photo Copyright © 2012 Eric Wittler.  All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Alvord 2012 Test Session

Sponsor highlight: S & S Turbine Services, Ltd

ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

Sponsor Feature: The LeMay Family Collection Foundation

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LeMay Family Collection is a long-time sponsor of the North American Eagle®

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