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Today, with a number of team members at the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week, a small group still in the Seattle area including Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Steve Rima, Steve Wallace, Cory Mitchell, and Ed Shadle continued to move forward on the North American Eagle’s®  preparation for this years test session.  Paul Dries from Canada was here to help the guys fine tune the steering system.

Future Driver Jacob Arnold

Visiting today was Jacob Arnold, grandson of Steve and Libby Wallace and great grandson of Von.  Jacob did a return trip to the Eagle cockpit today. His first thumbs up was when he was about 3 years old.



Paul Dries was here today fine tuning the steering system on the Eagle.  We found that one of our hydraulic valves was made for 24 volts and was causing problems.  We will order the new 12 volt coil and have it here next Saturday.

NAE Artist Eddie Harris with is latest artwork of Buddy Holly

Still needs to add Peggy Sue

Eddie Harris Autographs one of his prints

Eddie Harris is a world renowned airbrush artist who painted the updated Eagle on our North American jet car.  His work is recognized in many venues, particularly in World War II aircraft, musicians, and cars and Hollywood stars through the decades to present day.  As he is quick to say..”I can paint anything; planes, trains, and automobiles, mountains, plains and what do you want?” Today he brought in some of his latest work, including those for Bowen Scarff Ford in Kent.

Ed’s newest project car, a 1955 Crown Victoria

Ed was unable to travel to Bonneville this year, so he did the next best thing.  With help from David Martinson, Cam Shadle and Keith Zanghi, the group drove nearly 400 miles to pick up a 1955 Crown Victoria.  Ed purchased the car from his Aunt.

Bonneville 2017 Update

Chris Greene with Loren Holm, Steve Green and Les Holm looking on

Chris Greene, Tad Greene, Cody Carlyle and Lars Pedersen

This week a number of team members are on the pristine white Bonneville Salt Flats, attending 2017 Speedweek.  Another team member is now a qualified driver to run fast at Bonneville.  Chris Greene teamed up with Eric Wittler and Cody Carlyle and is running a motorcycle.  You can see a lot more photos at a gallery we built for the event.

Chris with his dad Tad

Valerie Thompson and Jessi Combs

Following a great week at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, 2017 Grand Marshal Jessi Combs ran into the fastest woman on two wheels, Valerie Thompson.

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S&S Turbine Services provides 45,500 horses for the Eagle

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Dassault Leadership Team

Bernard Charlès and Phillip Forestier at COE

Mr. Charlès is the Vice Chairman , CEO and Mr. Forestier is the EVP, Global Affairs and Communities.  Dassault Systèmes is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle®, providing CATIA design Software solutions, working closely with IDEX Solutions.  We have made numerous appearances at COE Conventions in Las Vegas and Orlando, along with The European CATIA Forum in Paris France.

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LeMay Family Collection is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle®

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