In this update: More functional tests and tune-ups; Bonneville update.

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The sunny summer skies of Seattle are gone with a monsoon of rain hitting the North American Eagle® hangar.  Von Armstrong, Steve Rima, John Drury, David Martinson, Steve Wallace, Omar Chramosta and Keith Zanghi were on hand to battle the rains.  Les Holm, Lars Pedersen and Eric Wittler were helping out friend Shawn Driver from Canada down at Speed Week.  Ed Shadle was working from home.

Steve and Ron stopped by

Keith Zanghi and Phill Halverson

Steve Rima switches on water valve breaker

Von Armstrong engages water valve switch

Comm Van tuneup team

We had a couple of visitors this weekend.  Steve and Ron stopped by with a cool ’32 hot rod.  A longtime co-worker of Keith’s, Phill Halverson came by to say hello.

The team continued working on preparations for our upcoming test sessions.  The comm van was given a tuneup with new spark plugs, fan belts, water hoses, batteries, and coolant.  She is nearly ready to go.  We also tested the Jerry Lamb magnetic brakes water cooling system; sitting dormant for nearly two years….it worked perfectly! Most of the team will be back next week and we’ll continue preparations.

Bonneville 2018

Canadian Shawn Driver’s 880 car at Bonneville 2018

Les Holm, Loren Holm, Lars Pedersen and Eric Wittler were at the Bonneville Salt Flats all week helping Canadian racer and friend Shawn Driver.  Shawn got his A license before a turbo let go.  Great effort and the team knows what to do for next year.

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