Ladies and Gentlemen:

Team North American Eagle™ is happy to announce a brand new sponsor,  IMS Software of Haverhill, Massachusetts.   Founded in 1990, Intelligent Manufacturing Software is a leading provider of manufacturing software products, and a specialist in providing advanced postprocessing solutions.

NAE™ Designer Don Mitchell will use IMS Software to convert engineering drawings designed usingDassault Systems CATIA V5 Software and send it to numerical control milling center to machine details.

Keith, Don, Andy & Ed

Vice-President of Sales, Andy Brewster, with Keith, Don & Ed

IMS Software is providing the following software tools:

IMSpost Professional with Controller Emulator

IMS Software is the world’s most advanced postprocessing software, transforms CAD/CAM cutter location (Clfiles) into the specific machine codes (G/M codes) required by NC machines.

IMSverify Machine Simulation which includes multi-axis verification and simulation


IMSmachine™, one module of IMSpost™, is a graphical machine setup and simulation program that supports any level of machine complexity.

New Magnetic Brake Rotor

The first detail on the North American Eagle™ that will be produced using IMS Software is the newly re-design magnetic brake rotor shown below.

Using Finite Element Analysis, John Mittleider has design a new magnetic brake rotor that will be lighter, stronger and simpler.