In this update: Preparing for load up; Mobilizer welding; Fuselage panels; Parachutes; Tilt trailer

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Today Von Armstrong, Zac Hopkins, Steve Rima, Keith Zanghi, David Martinson, Patricia Wood, Sean Rondestvedt, Jason Mitchell, Andrew Kirk, Marty Jackson, and Jon Higley opened up our Parkland hangar to work on some on-going projects and continue final checks on the semi-trailer.

Donica Hammonds and family

Special guest this week was  a coworker of Keith’s, Donica Hammonds.  She brought along her family to see the 56 foot long Eagle.  Keith and Donica worked together at Boeing for over 25 years.  Everyone had a good time seeing the North American Eagle®

David Martinson welds on a spare tire bracket

David welding on the nuts to secure the pilot chute restraint web

Central Welding and Pacific Welding supply all of our equipment and welding consumables

Beautiful TIG-welded hold down rings

David Martinson has been a busy welder this week; fabricating and welding new gusset plates to the mobilizer axle to provide added strength. Jason Mitchell jumped in to help finish that project. David then completed some welding on the parachute canisters, and finally moved on to the new trailer and welded on some tie-down points and a spare tire rack.

Patricia Wood and Sean Rondestvedt secure the mid-wheel doors

Andrew Kirk and Sean Rondestvedt

Sean and Patricia went to work on the fuselage undercarriage, with Andrew Kirk joining in.  Keith led the work on the engine compartment.

Steve Rima assembling his antenna tie-down kit

Steve Rima made up some sturdier and longer stakes to hold a ground antenna in place.  He also did some electrical work on the onboard GNSS Topcon Positioning System. secured to the Fire / Rescue Vehicle


New start cart trailer provided by these fine companies above

The newly donated tilt trailer, that will transport the start cart and fuel drums, was checked over and hitched to the fire-rescue vehicle to confirm how it will be towed.

We have some beautiful new and high tech designed parachute bags that were designed and sewn up at home by Kyesun Zanghi.  Blue stripes are high-speed parachutes and red stripes are low-speed parachutes.


Parachute belly pan with new modifications


New 1.5 lb automatic fire extinguishers

Tunes in a box

Chris Greene modified the parachute belly pan to accommodate the larger parachute canisters.  We completed our fire suppression system modifications for 2019 with the addition of two 1.5 lb automatic fire extinguishers.  Read about all of the modifications made on the car this year by clicking the Project link at the top of our home page.  Sean Rondestvedt will be driving the new  Fire / Rescue Vehicle and decided the sound system needed an upgrade.  So far the only music it tunes into is Metallica!

This week’s cover photo by Eric Wittler

Rich Pengelley operating the start cart

Our Favorite Photo of Ed Shadle: Black Rock Test Session November 2009

Ed Shadle with Steve Wallace

It was a cold day in November 2009 at the Black Rock Desert.  For the second time that year we took the Eagle out for a test run.  Per Wimmer, CEO of Wimmer Financial was on hand to have a chance to drive the Eagle.   He is an adventurer and explorer like Steve Fossett.  He is also destined to fly to space with seats reserved for one of the upcoming Virgin Galactic.  He was recently interviewed for GQ Magazine about his Virgin Galactic trip.  All photos Copyright ©2009 Eric Wittler used with permission.

Ed Shadle and Per Wimmer

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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