In this Update:  Engine Extraction; Generator Replacement; Fuel Leak Access

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Team sign ins this Saturday: Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Chris Hughes, Dave Selby, Von Armstrong, Chris Greene, Andrew Luck, Brandyn Bayes and Omar Chramosta

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Jet engine mechanics Dave Selby and Chris Hughes were here early, along with Ed and Les, to begin the major effort of pulling the huge turbo jet engine partially out of the fuselage.


The on board generator was not working properly during the last engine test and further checks determined that it needs to be replaced.  This means removing the tail cone and disconnecting fuel lines and wiring before easing the engine back far enough to gain access to the generator.  It also provides  working room to stop a troublesome leak in a fuel line.

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The heavy engine gantry was assembled with the help of Ed at the wheel of a forklift.  Chris Huges did a man lift of Chris Greene high enough and long enough for him to rig the gantry for the chain block hoist; a valiant effort that pretty much wore everyone out who were standing around watching.

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                                 The Eagle is powered by Microsoft Windows 10

Brandyn installed Windows 10 operatoring system on our  Lenovo ThinkPad and checked out the cockpit Go Pro camera. Steve Rima continued circuit wiring for the data compartment cooling system he installed and helped in the bench testing of generators.


All in all, it was a long and busy day at our Parkland shop….and more to come before our fall runs.


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Eric Wittler’s Chasing images were used in the Microsoft Ignite booth in Chicago.