In this update: One Girl Garage premiers in Parkland, Washington and parachute packer nears completion.

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It was a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest, but a sunny day inside the North American Eagle™ hangar!  Today Brandyn Bayes, Larry Martinson, Jason Mitchell, Cam Shadle, Jessi Combs, Steve Green, Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Keith Zanghi and Ed Shadle moved a little closer in our efforts to break the 763 mph world land speed record.


It was pleasure to see Wolf Czaia and his friend today at the hangar. Wolf is a test pilot and has accrued over 28,000 hours in 150+ aircraft.  Today Wolf talked about his experiences traveling between Mach 0.8 and Mach 1+ in the F-104 at low altitudes.  Keith’s dad,Russ, dropped by to see the new digs and to talk to the team.  Also stopping by were Jason’s wife and two daughters.  Last week you met Kay and today Sky dropped by. 


 Jessi Combs was in town and when she showed up, we wasted little time putting her to work!  Jason, Cam, and Jessi began refurbishing the parachute packer, originally developed by Ed Drumheller II.  The original hydraulic cylinder has long since been repurposed, so the three began modifying a new cylinder and mount.  A little bit of welding was needed so Jessi grabbed a pair of nearby gloves and adjusted our Central Welding unit  furnished  by Lincoln Welder.  Cam and Jason were busy making parts while Jessi welded them together. 

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Jessi Combs fabricating parts with Central Welding unit supplied by Lincoln Welder

 Not only is Jessi an excellent welder, but also an accomplished metal fabricator. The three worked as a team, leaving just a bit of work to be done prior to painting. Editors note: No photos of Cam could be found in the hundred photos taken of Jessi!  Several team members vouched for Cam being present today!


 Lars and Steve polished the interior side of the rear wheels.  Normally covered by the Uremet Corporation aluminum brake rotors, this was a good time to add some luster to the car!  It is work that requires a lot of elbow grease.


 Larry was busy most of the day, fabricating our parachute air charging system.  The new work bench made things much easier.

140830p 140830q
New Aircraft Ground Station New Parachute Lines

Mark Moore from Uremet Corporation sent us up an old aircraft base station he wasn’t using. We will install it next week in the communication center. Steve Rima has been busy assembling the communcation system including radios and antennas.  Also arriving this week were our modifified parachute lines.  Cortland Puget Sound Rope took our parachute lines and installed some protective kevlar covers.  This will protect the highly critical parachute lines from the abrasive desert playa.

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   2014 Ultra 4 Offroad Champion, two 200 mph club members, and one short balding Italian man
Jessi got writer’s cramp today, signing autographs

F4 Phantom arrives at Colonel Joe Kittinger Park – Please Donate

Col Joe01
Sherry and Colonel Joe Kittinger

Big things are happening in Orlando Florida.  The 30 ton F-4 Phantom arrived and will be repainted and placed on permanent display at Colonel Joe Kittinger Park at Orlando Executive Airport.  You can help deter some of the costs in a private fundraising.  For more information please contact Carolyn Fennel or Rod Johnson in the Office of  Public Affairs at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at 407-825-2055.  Click on the photo below and to watch the video.

Col Joe Video

The LeMay Family Collection

lemay logo

 Jet Blast From The Past

 HL-10 Bill Dana Low Res HL-10 On NB-52B
            Bill Dana former pilot of 56-0763             HL-10 on B-52 008 (Balls 8)

  New Lenovo Support

 A new level of support from Lenovo is changing the landscape in our operations.  In the very near future, the website will be residing on servers on loan from Lenovo.  A new ThinkServer will now be hosting all the content from the website, and provide storage for our engineering and intellectual property needs.

Afterburner Docking Stations
thinkserver-front01   thinkserver-front11

 Lenovo is heavily embedded into our daily operations, with ThinkPads and ThinkStations providing support for website production, engineering consisting of mechanical and structural analysis and aerodynamic capabilities.  Now we are pleased to announce the addition of new Lenovo ThinkServers to the North American Eagle™ team.

Lenovo Promo Photo
ThinkPad, ThinkStation and now ThinkServer

North American Eagle™ on Public Display at the Grand National Roadster Show!  Sponsored by AERIAL Machine and Tool.

The Grand National Roadster Show trip was sponsored by AERIAL Machine and Tool

 Since 1926, AERIAL Machine and Tool has been a top supplier for the US Department of Defense, a distinction that continues today.  The company expanded as the nation prepared for World War II.  Sewing capabilities were added and the company began to specialize in life-safety equipment, parachute hardware and accessories, belts, harnesses, restraints and case goods.  These products remain an important part of AERIAL’s business even today.  They support every branch of the US Armed Services: Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force.

AirWarriorProducts nt Coast-Guard-Products-nt
Tactical-Vests-nt US-Navy-Products3NT

For 10 years AERIAL Machine and Tool has been supporting the efforts of the North American Eagle™.  We are proud to be associated with them!  Visit their website and see the amazing contribution they are making to our country!

Mobile Apps Keep Improving!

 We like to keep introducing new features for all of our mobile users, but sometimes it’s important to give it a new look as well.  We are excited to announce that NAE Mobile 3.1 for iOS is now available!  It has a new interface that looks absolutely incredible.  The update also includes support for the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.  We highly recommend that you upgrade to iOS 7 so that you can take full advantage of this update.  Download the app by clicking on the App Store logo below.

For all of our Android users, we have released an updated version of NAE Mobile, which now includes Android 4.4 KitKat Compatibility!  You can download the update by going to the Google Play Store.

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