In this Update:  Alvord scouting trip; Communication Van repairs complete; Overhead trailer crane operable; Data system improved; Eagle and equipment being readied for the road


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Team members braved rain and high wind gusts today as they made their way to the hangar:  Lars Pedersen, Steve Rima, Andrew Kirk, Von Armstrong, Jason Mitchell, Brandyn Bayes, Les Holm, Chris Banks,  Keith Zanghi, and Steve Wallace.

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Jason arrived only to be called out to his job with the power company.  Power outages and downed trees and limbs were the rule throughout the area.  Jason’s wife Rose came in to take notes and pass along updates to Jason on our preparation for the upcoming Alvord runs. Another guest this week was a co-worker of Keith’s, Adi who brought his daughter Yashi who got to sit in the Eagle.

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The Shadle family left early this morning for a 12 hour drive to Alvord to check out course conditions and arrangements.  The lakebed is in great shape and we look forward to some fast runs this fall.

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Work was in full swing here at our Parkland hangar.  Keith completed work on the damaged wheel well while Les pounded out and reshaped damage to the gasoline filler pipe and lines.  With a new tire installed, our mobile com center/Motor home is about road ready.

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    Andrew installs the parachutes                 Look…there goes a berska!

 On Thursday of this week Ed and Lars worked over the traveling crane in the semi trailer.  This has been ongoing for the past several weeks.  It now operates freely over its length but with a different touch on the remote controller. Other items on the check list: Steve W and Brandyn were back into the data compartment and working on the wireless data link between the laptop computer and the router.  Steve also made some changes to the data acquisition system, providing an independent power supply and back up.  Chris Banks stopped by and picked up one of the Lenovo ThinkStations.   He is going to be making some upgrades to Windows 10 next week.

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Andrew put the parachute cannisters back on and worked with Les toward getting the axle fairings securely packed in their traveling crates. More to do and just a few Saturdays left to do it.  Getting all the needed equipment rounded up and ready for transport is a major effort.  We’ll keep on keeping on.  Stay with us.

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