In this update: Fire Suppression System; WARN Winches and more;  A team member is fighting for his life

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Today Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Zac Hopkins, Don Mitchell, Cory Mitchell, David Martinson, Steve Rima, Patricia Wood, Andrew Kirk, and Von Armstrong were busy once again working towards this summer’s test session, with Jessi Combs at the controls.  Brandyn Bayes and Chris Banks were working virtual.

Omar Chramosta points to the C-124 he brought back to JBLM Museum

We are missing our team member Omar Chramosta today.  He is under hospice care, and many prayers are surrounding him during his final journey.

Another busy day at the hangar had the team working on a number of tasks.  Andrew Kirk, Don Mitchell, and Patricia Wood began removing some old decals on our new Fire / Rescue Vehicle.  It is hard work that involves the use of a lot of elbow grease.  In the coming weeks, we will apply a really cool North American Eagle® graphic.

Les Holm installed two new pull knobs for the fire suppression system.  First, the canopy had to be removed to gain access to the instrument panel.  David Martinson and Cory Mitchell were busy fitting together new stainless steel fuel lines.  Similar to building engine exhaust headers, the stainless steel fuel lines will have nice maximum flowing turns exiting the cutoff valve to the front of the new fuel filter. David designed and welded up a new flow part.  Lars Pedersen built some block offs for the fuel filter so we can do a pressure test.  We are off to a good start that will take a few weeks to complete, and are very happy with the results so far.  Finally, David installed a new WARN winch that is used to secure the car to the mobilizer.

We are also making improvements to the steering system.  We removed the 12 vdc pump and will replace it with a 24 vdc.  This will solve a battery issue in the car.

Andrew Kirk removing old decals from the Fire / Rescue Vehicle

Don Mitchell and Patricia Wood removing decals. Not fun!

Almost there!

New fuel lines taking shape


David Martinson and Cory Mitchell fitting new SS fuel lines

Fitted SS fuel line ready for final welding

Lars Pedersen making tooling for a fuel filter pressure test

Les Holm checking out the placement of the fire suppression knobs

The canopy was removed to gain access to the back of the instrument panel

Les Holm installed the fire suppression pull knobs

Zac Hopkins hams it up in front of the cameras

David Martinson installs a new WARN winch

Our Favorite Ed Shadle Photo :  Seattle Museum of Flight Display from April 2004

Ed also put the 828 Lakester on display

It was April 4, 2004, and the Seattle Museum of Flight asked Ed to put the Eagle on display at Boeing Field.  It was a fun time, with many team members and their families enjoying a warm early spring day.  The Eagle at the time had no engine, but did have a brand new paint job!

Ed brought along his racing greyhounds

With Bob Beisler, Jon Higley, and Steve Wallace

SR-71 Pilot Brian Shul and his wife

Keith and Ed gave a presentation in the William Allen Theater

(Note: Keith’s shoulder flag was removed and placed on the proper side)

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ss turbine decal

45,500 Horsepower from S&S Turbine Services, Ltd

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God Bless and Protect our Troops