In this update: Ongoing projects: Fuel lines, Parachute cans, Hydraulic pump

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Today’s work crew checked in for a good time at the hangar: Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Cory Mitchell, Von Armstrong, Patricia Wood, David Martinson, Andrew Kirk, Sam Yellowbird, Jon Higley, Larry Martinson, and Zac Hopkins were in attendance.

Keith with Larry Redelsperger and Mark

CMSgt Billy “Omar” Chramosta

On Thursday many of the team members participated in our friend and teammate Omar Chramosta’s Celebration of Life.  Minister and one time USAF student of Omar, Larry Redelsperger, officiated the event.  Years ago Larry trained in the simulators at McChord when Omar worked for Hughes as an instructor for C-141 flight engineers.  It was a fine tribute to a fine man.

It was bright sunny day in the Pacific Northwest as many of the team members spent their Saturday working on the North American Eagle® in preparation of this year’s test session.  Cory and Andrew spent some time cleaning up the American Valley Aviation M32-60B start cart and did a functional test.  In a few weeks we will be installing brand new Odyssey batteries.  During the week Lars was machining the end caps for our new parachute cans.  We decided late last year to remove the old parachute tubes and replace them with some better sized units, along with improvements to the interior surface with a coating of Teflon paint.  Lars drilled up some holes later to be replaced with some SS studs for holding the air charge.  David fired up the Central Welding Supply TIG welder and went to town welding them up. They came out perfect!  David is a full-time welder and fabricator at Art Morrison Enterprises during the week and it is easy to see why he is so good at it.

Patricia and Zac installed the newly rebuilt hydraulic pump unit with a new 28 vdc motor and higher capacity hydraulic pump.  A little tricky to install but they got the job done and all the tubing reinstalled.  It is filled with fluid and will be functional tested when our new Odyssey batteries arrive in a few weeks.

Andrew got a good start wiring up the new WARN Industries Winch that is used on our mobilizer.  It should be completed next week.

We received some fuel lines during the week.  Cory, Zac, and Keith removed the old tubing from the fittings. The very expensive fittings were really tough to remove.  Luckily, no old men were injured in the process!  During the week we will buy some new fuel lines and reinstall the fittings next week.

Cory Mitchell started early with some needed maintenance on the start cart

Master machinist Lars Pedersen finds the center for a bolt circle pattern

Lars was on station at the drill press, fabricating backplates for the parachute canisters

With a completed parachute can in the foreground, David finishes up number two

Beautiful welds!

Keith and Cory exercising some brute force on an old and cranky fitting

Andrew Kirk, David, and Lars talking things over

Andrew wiring up the new Warn winch

Group huddle in the rear of the shop

Patricia Wood and Zac Hopkins filling the hydraulic pump

Patricia Wood setting up a new hydraulic pump

Zac Hopkins buffing out the door on the new Fire / Rescue Vehicle

Our favorite photos of Ed Shadle – 2005 Mercer Island Car Show

Ed Shadle, Tom Alberts, and Keith Zanghi

It was 2005 and the North American Eagle® Team was asked to put the car on display at the Mercer Island Car Show.  Mercer Island is located between downtown Seattle and Bellevue and is connected by a floating bridge.  Our longtime friend Tom Alberts invited us, unfortunately we were unable to bring the car but were able to set up a booth and a display engine from S&S Turbine Services.

Ed loved to talk to kids and help inspire them into one of the STEM Fields

Here he is explaining how the magnetic brakes work

Here talking to a couple of young future USAF recruits

Custom F-104A Model built by Russ Garlow

Ed signed thousands of photos over the years

Here he is talking to one of the officials with Bill Eckberg

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