In this Update:  Locked and loaded.  On The Road Again…

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Reporting in this work day: Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Brandyn Bayes, Jason and Don Mitchell, Steve Wallace, Jackson Kinney, Omar Chramosta and Jon Drury.


A mutual friend of Don & Keith, Bob came by for a visit and introduction to our North American Eagle™ jet car.  Like many a visitor before him, he soon found himself pitching in to lend a hand.  Bob is a master machinist.

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                     Von Armstrong with our young High School Intern, Jackson Kinney

Heavy lifting day today as the team finished packing up all the needed equipment for a road trip and stowing it aboard the semi trailer.  Then began the real work of loading in our 56 ft long, 6+tons of race car.  It takes coordinated effort and tricky maneuvering to position the car, still in the shop, and align it with the semi trailer, backed up to the overhead door.  All sorts of jacks, stand, carriage hoists, slings and winch cable are used to finally ease the car up the heavy load ramps and safely into the trailer. Locked and loaded, ready for the roads.  Special thanks to David Fiola, who built us a new air suspension system for the Eagle when it travels down the road.

Join us on our adventure with periodic updates on this website and on our Facebook friend name, North American Eagle. We will be on proud display in a city near some of you.

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