In this update: Rear-wheel maintenance; Axle change out; Planning for engine test and upcoming test runs

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Checking in for Saturday work today:  Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Jason Mitchell, Trish Wood, Steve Rima, Cory Mitchell, David Martinson, Jason Mitchell, Omar Chramosta.  Special guests this weekend were friends of David Martinson.  Chris Greene stopped by to get an update on parachute needs, and David’s brother and his son came in for a tour.

Les, Lars, Trish, and Ed reviewing bearings

Les and Lars inspecting and greasing the bearings

Jason cleaned the magnetic brake rotors while Keith watched

Machined by the late Mark Moore, the Jerry Lamb magnetic brake rotors

Keith lending a hand to Cory

Von and Cory installing the magnetic brake rotor

Cory torques the magnetic brake rotors

Cory and Keith inspecting the bearings installation

Les and Keith torque the rear bearings

Jason taking notes for developing an as-built CAD model for hydraulics

All hands were on the rear wheels today as the bearings assemblies were inspected, cleaned up, and regreased.  Both wheel’s brake rotors, and the wheels, were polished.  With everything put back together, the hubs were bolted and torqued down and the wheels installed back onto the axle.  Jason Mitchell was busy making sketches of the hydraulic system.  He is developing a program that simulates our steering system.

Von and Cory installing bearing caps

Steve Rima removes axle bolts

With more hair than the entire team put together, Trish removes axle bolts

After the bearings were packed, the team began removing the race axle and re-installing the travel axle.  At the end of May, we will be running an engine test in Shelton at Sanderson Field.  The narrower travel axle allows us to winch the car up the ramp and loaded into the trailer, road ready .  This past week, Trish traveled to Anacortes, WA and picked up two new parachute lines from our sponsor, Cortland Puget Sound Rope. The Plasma rope is far superior to any aerospace application today.

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