In this update: More Fire / Rescue Truck work, new hydraulics, fuel lines welded

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No rain today and the rescue truck was moved outside as the team went to work: Les Holm, Lars Pedersen, Keith Zanghi, Von Armstrong, Zac Hopkins, David Martinson, John Drury, Steve Rima, Cory Mitchell, Garrett Holm, Steve Wallace, Eric Wittler, David Bryant, and Chris Banks.  A great day to work on the North American Eagle®

Today’s visitor: Jesse Schwartz,PhD Marine Biologist

Eric Wittler spends the weekend with us

Special guest this week was a friend of Steve Wallace, Jesse Schwartz who has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology.  Always good to see Eric Wittler when he takes a fancy to take the long road trip for a hangar visit and review of what’s happening with our big red jet car. It was David Bryant’s first trip to the Eagle hangar.  David is part of our Fire / Medical Team. Eric and David Bryant had some side trips as well.

Garrett Holm

Garrett Holm went right to work masking off the fender wells on the Fire/Rescue Vehicle and then applying a rubberized protective spray on them.  This will help protect the outer paint layer on the fenders from debris being kicked up off the road.  It was his 41st birthday so we took the time to sing the birthday song to him while he wore the requisite Billy Goat Tavern hat. Oh, and we all ate cake.     Les was busy bending and fitting tubing for the fire protection system.

Von and Zac put together a shipping box

Zac Hopkins showing his new workout routine

Zac and Von made up a packing box for shipping some spare wheels to a vendor who was in need, and who supplies us with hard to find system parts from time to time.  Lately, Zac has been bulking up and we all thought he had a new membership at LA Fitness. It turns out he has just been waxing the new Fire / Rescue Vehicle.  A new class starts every Saturday if you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

John Drury gets a welding lesson from David Martinson

David Martinson shows Keith the new fuel line

Fuel line now fully welded

David Martinson, the team master welder, was doing some finishing work on the fuel line flow part he fabricated.  He was also showing John Drury some of the fine points of TIG welding.

Steve Wallace and Steve Rima check out a new antenna

Lars Pedersen and Steve Rima assemble the new hydraulic pump

New black 24 VDC motor installed.  Old 12 VDC motor and pump to the right

Steve Wallace continued work on a  range antennae array he reconfigured with a new mast and mounting system.  Lars Pedersen and Steve Rima put together a new steering hydraulic pump. They replaced the 12 VDC motor with a 24 VDC.  This will help in our battery management on the car. They also removed the old hydraulic pump and replaced it with a new higher volume unit.

Eric Wittler

David Bryant backs the Fire / Rescue Vehicle into the shop

We wasted no time putting Eric Wittler and David Bryant to work. David is an EMT in Boise ID and is part of our Fire / Medical Team.   It was David’s first time to the hangar.  Steve Rima and John Drury assembled a new roll around toolbox that will be dedicated to electrical tools.  We really are excited about the new Fire / Medical Team and Fire / Rescue Vehicle.  We added new pages to the website to keep track of it.

Steve Rima and John Drury

New Fire / Rescue Vehicle

We added some links to the website for “New for 2019 Season” and “Fire / Medical Team”

Our favorite photo of Ed Shadle

Ed Shadle at 2012 COE at the Las Vegas RIO

With Andy Brewster, VP Sales and Marketing IMS Software, and Valerie Thompson

It was seven years ago today that Ed was in Las Vegas giving a presentation and doing photo ops with sponsors and giving presentations

Having fun with Valerie Thompson

Working the booth with Valerie Thompson and Mark TenEyck

Ed with the young engineers from Boeing

With the IMS Software Team

Keith Zanghi, Andy Brewster, Valerie Thompson, Inge Lund and Ed Shadle

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ss turbine decal

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