In this update: Lots of activity behind the yellow beak; steering, system power; parachutes hanging, fuel transfer

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    Sunny day at the Parkland hangar today:  Ed Shadle, David Martinson, Les Holm, Trish Wood, Von Armstrong, Steve Rima, Keith Zanghi, Lars Pedersen , Cory Mitchell, Steve Wallace, John Drury, Omar Chramosta were all ready for duty.  Paul Dries our steering expert came down from Canada.

Jeremy, Hayden, Alex and Brooke

Visiting today was a friend of Dave Martinson,   Jeremy and his friend Brooke,  along with a couple of very interested young lads, toured the hangar.

Paul and Joani Dries

Paul Dries was down from Canada again with steering on his mind.  Today, his wife Joani joined him for the trip and got to see where he has been spending his Saturdays.

Lance Lambert


Earlier in the week, automotive journalist Lance Lambert stopped by to interview Ed Shadle for an upcoming Seattle Times Article.  In addition, Lance is an author, television producer and host, emcee, auctioneer, and automobile appraiser.  He has a long time television show called The Vintage Vehicle Show with over 430 episodes to date!  The Seattle Times article will be out in June.

Steve Rima checking over our supply of David Clark  headsets and hearing protection.  Steve is developing an inventory system to monitor the equipment on the lakebed, similar to what he does with our radios.

Lars Pedersen

Les Holm and Lars Pedersen

Lars has been front and center, and under and over, in design and install of the new steering components.  Today was the initial test time for steering reaction from the new system.  Pedersen Machine has been busy building all kinds of details and assembly to support the front wheel alignment test that was performed today.  As usual, everything worked great!



Paul Dries tunes the steering with the help of Steve Wallace

The two Steves were heavy into getting the computers to sync with each other.  All new system brings about new bugs to be addressed.


Ed and Trish spent some time transferring fuel from the 55-gallon drum supplies.  Later, parachutes were removed from the trailer and hung up in the hangar to air out.

David Martinson

Master welder David Martinson was busy at his desk.  Next week David will begin assembling a brand new weld table.

26 muscles to smile, 62 muscles to frown, 158 muscles to tighten a drill



Lexan battery protector

Editor’s note:  Google up the definition of Grimace.  This would be it. Really.

New battery protective cover installed

Keith put on his game face as he fabricated a new Lexan protective shield for the on board battery bay.  For the past couple of weeks, Cory Mitchell has been updating our onboard power system with some very powerful batteries.  With all those amps there was a concern for exposed terminals and the fireworks that would ensue should a wrench accidently fall into the battery compartment.  We had a Lexan cover plate formed,  and this weekend trimmed it to fit and installed the cover.  Now we have a safe battery compartment.

Jet Blast from The Past

Sherry and Colonel Joe Kittinger, USAF (Ret)


Col. Joe Kittinger USAF (Ret)

Kittinger Park, Orlando FL



Starfighters – Kennedy Space Center with David Gemas

In 2009 Ed and Keith traveled to Savannah GA to speak at Geomagic Convergence.  After the show, the two drove to Orlando to meet Aviation Hall of Fame member Col. Joe Kittinger USAF (ret) and his wife Sherry.  Col. Joe has led a remarkable life that was documented in his biography, Come Up and Get Me.  He spent time in the Hanoi Hilton, set hundreds of ballooning awards, and held an instrumental position in Red Bull Stratos project.

After visiting the Kittingers, it was off to Kennedy Space Center with a visit to the Starfighters.  Located at the end of the shuttle runway, Ed and Keith got a tour from David Gemas.  Overall, one heck of a weekend and deserving of this week’s Jet Blast from The Past.

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Bernard Charlès and Phillip Forestier at COE

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