In this update: Steering system nearing completion and STEM in a local middle school

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Today many of the team members showed up to work on the North American Eagle™ including Ed Shadle, Lars Pedersen, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Cory Mitchell, Steve Rima, Von Armstrong, Andrew Kirk, Steve Wallace

One of our earliest team members, Jon Higley, stopped in to get caught up on the latest developments.

This past week Ed and Keith gave a presentation at the Spanaway Middle School career day.  The sessions were filled with energetic 6th, 7th and 8th graders who asked lots of questions!  Ed talked about the importance of STEM classes, and how those subjects and other leadership roles led to the current North American Eagle project.  Somehow he was able to show how learning the latin language was instrumental to his success!  Carpe Diem

Dave Sinner

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Guest this week was Dave Sinner a fellow co-worker of Keith’s.  Lots of activity today as the team went to back to work on projects underway.  Also stopping by was Tom Layson from our local PBS Affiliate, KBTC.  He is in the process of putting together an updated episode using footage from our 2016 test session.  For now we have an extended cut with additional conversations from our original PBS Show, Northwest Now. Get to know the team a little better with conversations not seen on the original.

Ed was cutting steel and making sparks as he and Keith were welding and fitting a mount for the new battery that will power the parachute deployments. Andrew did an outstanding job fabricating the brackets and clamps.


Cory was finishing up the new vehicle battery system installation.  He ginned up a shield that covers the battery connections to stave off any short circuit situations.  Les finished securing hydraulic lines and rerouting others for easier maintenance.


Lars Pedersen fabricating critical steering components

Crew Chief Les Holm 



Steve Rima

Lars, Les, Ed, and whoever else was needed, continued the work on the new steering system.  Some critically precision parts are needed to make it all come together.   During the upcoming week, Lars will machine some new mounts for the magnetic sensor unit for the steering.


Jet Blast from The Past

56-0763…Queenie II

We just realized while doing this series  Jet Blast from the Past, that we need to add John Fritz and Richard Scoles names to the side of the aircraft. Both were GE Test Pilots who were instrumental in developing the GE J-79 Turbojet engine. We’ll work on that.

S&S Turbine Services provides 45,500 horses for the Eagle

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Mr. Charlès is the Vice Chairman , CEO and Mr. Forestier is the EVP, Global Affairs and Communities.  Dassault Systèmes is a long time sponsor of the North American Eagle™ providing CATIA design Software solutions, working closely with IDEX Solutions.  We have made numerous appearances at COE Conventions in Las Vegas and Orlando, along with The European CATIA Forum in Paris France.

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