Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this  weeks update:  Eagle loaded in trailer; Tie-down system improved; Trailer gets a face lift; Camera jib crane constructed.

Members turning out for work this morning included: Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Steve Wallace, Brandyn Bayes and dad Doug; Chris and Tad Greene , Larry Martinson, Omar Chramosta.  Tom Tiede and John Winchester stopped by to see how things were going.

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Activities began in earnest directed toward next week’s haul down to Shelton Airfield for engine/system tests.  First effort was to line up the trailer and push the car out and onto the loading sling for later loading ramp set-up and getting the 6 ton car safely loaded into the trailer.



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Brandyn arrived with computers in hand and covered some areas of web management with Keith and Von.  We added the capability of  hot spot to the hanger so today we tried it out.  We were able to update the  website (this page you are reading), the facebook fan page,  and send out a couple Tweets.  We are now part of this social networking thing!  Look for streaming video in the future.  This is all in an effort to provide real time updates in the field during our desert test sessions.


Steve had some ideas for an overhead camera jib crane that turned into a work in progress.  Capturing operations from every  camera angle is an important  consideration, not only for viewing  interest on the website, but for training purposes as well.

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