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In this update: Highlights of the COE 2012 Annual PLM Conference and TechniFair from Las Vegas.

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This past week Ed Shadle, Valerie Thompson and Keith Zanghi attended the COE 2012 Annual PLM Conference and TechniFair in Las Vegas. They were there to help out the good folks at Idex Solutions, one of our great sponsors on the North American Eagle™.


Idex Solutions is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) for a number of software tools including the complete suite of Dassualt Systèmes products. Mark TenEyck, above with Valerie and Ed, was our host throughout the four days. It was great to meet and talk with all the COE membership and Idex Solutions alliance partners and customers.


Valerie and Ed signed hundreds of posters and photographs throughout the three days of the conference. With a giant LED television blasting out the sounds of Jeff Senour with the CTS Band in the Steve Wallace produced video made specifically for this show, it drew the attendees right over to the Idex Solutions booth!


Everyone at COE is involved with some new innovative technology. One person that stopped by to meet Valerie and Ed was Ben Zelnick from Terrafugia. His company has been in the news for several years. They are producing the first practical flying car. It was a unique experience for Keith who knew Molt Taylor, the originator of the Aerocar in Longview, Washington, and now got to meet the newest inventors. Molt would be proud his dream is being carried on! 120426d


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Bob Garrison Becky from COE
120426g 120426h
Tom Schorr Graduate students from Montreal
120426i 120426j
The Boys from Boeing The Girls from Calgary
120426k 120426l
Taban Thompson and Bob Garrison One of thousands
120426m 120426n
Paul Lomangino PhD from Tesla Tom Crume from Boeing



Special thanks to Bernard Charlès and Phillipe Fostier from Dassault Systèmes

IMS Software


Another North American Eagle™ sponsor who had a booth at the TechniFair was IMS Software. It was great meeting up again with Inge Lund and Andy Brewster. We first met them at COE Orlando last year and they have been big supporters of ours ever since. When Team North American Eagle™ needs to make a part, we use IMS Software to make it right the first time! IMS Software solutions that make the value stream as efficient as possible: IMSpost Professional with Controller Emulator, IMSverify Machine Simulation and IMSmachine.

AMD Professional Graphics

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Another sponsor who we’ve worked with in the past is AMD Graphic Cards. It was great to meet up with Antoine Reymond again from AMD. At COE Seattle we had a huge display when we partnered with Lenovo Computers and AMD Graphic Cards. Team North American Eagle™ uses AMD Graphic Cards in every one of our Lenovo ThinkStations.

A Time for Networking and Fun

Part of all conventions is a time to have fun and network with customers, colleagues and sponsors. Idex Solutions, Rand Worldwide and COE treat the team to some memorable dinners and after hours fun.


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120426u 120426v
120426w 120426x

Ed comes to Keith’s rescue: The RIO Showgirls

Team North American Eagle™ would like to thank; Andy and Inge from IMS Software, Donna Hendges and Tracey Freidman from Rand Worldwide, Antoine from AMD, Tom Schorr, Amy Saks and Derek Lane from Dassault Systèmes, Ken Denton from 3Dconnexion, Rich Patterson from CODA, Mr. D from Mr D’s, and everyone from Idex Solutions: Mark, Justin, Bob, Taban, Susan, Wes, and James. Thank you all for treating us so well!

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All photos on the NAE Homepage were taken by Eric Wittler at Thanks Eric!