In this update:  Front wheel steering box; Hydraulic lines and fittings; New guy teams up; Brandyn ready to meet St. Louis

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All hands turned to for another work session on the North American Eagle™:  Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Rich Pengelley, Brandyn and Doug Bayes, Larry Martinson, and a new guy.


Welcome New Team Member Chris Plass!

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Chris Plass heard about the project from a friend, thought it sounded like something he would like,  did his vetting  on our website, and came ready for work.  He is a structural engineer at Boeing and brings a ton of knowledge and hands on tool wielding experience. He jumped right in while facing the usual cat calls, brow beating, and downright insults. Smiled through it all and came up a keeper.  Welcome aboard Chris!

One of our aerodynamic team members, Don Mitchell,  dropped by to talk to Keith and also  to see if his nephew, Les Holm, was behaving himself.  He wasn’t.  

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All hands were busy today on the redo of the front wheel steering and suspension systems.  The box is out of the fuselage and on the floor.  All of the innards have been removed and it is an empty shell, in need of cleaning up  and taking on a new and different face.    

Two new suspension shocks were ready for installation and relocation.  This took some careful calculations as to accessability and mounting positions. New mounting brackets had to be fabricated and positioned so that the shocks could be easily installed and replaced  in close quarters;  and not be in conflict with the main suspension and steering components.  Les and Chris and Keith spent their time doing all of this and convincing Ed that it would work properly.  

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Keith put Rich to work at changing  out some hydrauling fittings in the fuselage compartment.  When all is complete, the hydraulic pressures and mechanical parts for steering and suspension will all work together to make for a smooth and responsive high speed ride. Look forward to more reports on this progess.


Stirring up another batch of protective LizardSkin®

LizardSkina LizardSkinb

Ed polishing the front wheel

Meanwhile, Ed was polishing up the front wheel, removing  lakebed pitting and making it shine.   From shine to Lizard like finish;  Ed was highly impressed with the Lizard Skin protective coating he applied to the newly finished belly pan for the rear axle.  The material went on nicely with a paint roller and ended up as a sturdy protective coating that will withstand the harsh environment of  hot desert lakebed and high speed runs.

Brandyn was all smiles as Ed presented him with a check from donors who went through the NAE Pay Pal link to help him out on his trip to St. Louis and next weekend’s competition.. Jump back to last week’s update, Apr 13, 2013, to read  Ed and Keith’s message all about Brandyn and how this remarkable young man has made Team NAE proud of his accomplishments;  on this national competition and of the contributions he has made to the website and social  links.  They have put our landspeed project out there and looking good to our fans, sponsors, and general public.  

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 Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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