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In this week’s update: S&S Turbine Services LM1500 re-installed, Rear axle component manufactured and installed, Steve Wallace doing a production, and Valerie Thompson prepares by flying an aerobatic plane.



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Present and accounted for this beautiful Saturday morning were NAE Team Members:

Ed Shadle, Tom Tiede, Von Armstrong, Jerimiah Avery, Keith Zanghi, Larry and Rob Martinson, Chris Greene, Omar Chramosta, Chris Hughes and family, and Eric Helpenstell. Working virtually this week were Jon Higley, Brandon Bayes, Trish Wood, Darren Grove, Steve Wallace and Valerie Thompson in Chandler, AZ.


There were two goals to accomplish at today’s work party; completing some remaining tasks while the huge and empty engine bay was still accessible, and then, filling up that space by reinstalling the mighty jet engine that will propel the North American Eagle™ to a new world land speed record of 800mph.

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Ed, Keith and Larry worked during the week to finish the hand crafted HAMMER POUNDED STRETCHED OUT METALIC BASED IAMBIC PERAMBULATOR. (we couldn’t figure out what to call it !)  It was designed to closely match the curvature of the fuselage so that it could be attached and provide strong support points for the rear axle strut assembly.

Larry,Tom, and Chris Greene worked under and in the engine bay and finished the attachment, making it ready for engine insertion.


The car was positioned onto the mobillizer and towed partially out of the hangar to make room for the engine cart and gantry crane to be rolled into place. Each engine removal/insertion operation presents its own issues, but the one constant is the critical alignment and moving of the massive engine with scarce inches to spare, protecting the exterior of the engine and the interior fuselage components. The great satisfaction comes when the engine is loaded and locked into place.

All this was done today… and at the end of the day… another job well done.


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At the top of next Saturday’s task list will be connecting the hydraulic lines and electrical circuits that will make the engine roar. We are looking forward to doing that and whatever else needs to be done to make our May engine test a success.

120414h 120414i

Steve Wallace Prepares Promo Video

For the past couple of weeks Steve has been working virtual on a  new video for the North American Eagle™ project, which will include Valerie Thompson and music by Jeff Senour and the CTS Band.



Using Adobe CS5 and Audacity (!), he has a two minute sound track and all the video content ready for assembly. He has plans to complete the “North American Eagle™ Attention Grabber” in time for the Idex Solutions booth at COE next week in Las Vegas.


Valerie Thompson News

As part of her on the job training to drive the Eagle to a new women’s world land speed record, Valerie took to the air to experience some high “G”s and unusual attitudes.


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Special thanks go to Chandler Air Services, AZ – Pilot Curt Langenhorst. Valerie’s report of the experience follows:

I went for a ride in an aerobatic plane. We sustained 3 “G’s” for 30-seconds, highest G we hit was 3 ½, did a Loop, a roll. The Hammer Head (went straight up & stopped – looking at nothing but sky) and the last trick was a Cuban 8 – we rolled around & came up to the top, stopped at 45 degree upside down, held it for a while, and rolled right side up – then decided I was ready to come home!

 NAE and Idex Solutions Team Up at COE

Once again, Team NAE will be participating in COE. This will be the fifth Fifth Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair the team has attended. COE has been bringing together the users of Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions for twenty-five years.

COE (formerly the CATIA Operators Exchange) is the only international, professional organization uniting the users of Dassault Systèmes software solutions. Thousands of users in hundreds of member companies represent aerospace & defense, automotive & transportation, architecture, engineering & construction, energy & processing, industrial equipment, consumer goods, consumer packaged goods, shipbuilding, finance & business services, high tech electronics, and life sciences.   There is no better support community available.



Bernard Charlès, President & CEO with Philippe Forestier, EVP & Global Affairs & Communities

 Joining Ed and Keith will be newly announced Co-Driver of the North American Eagle™ Valerie Thompson. Please visit all three in the Idex Solutions booth.

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The Team at Idex Solutions has been working with the North American Eagle™ engineers since 2006 and is responsible for maintaining our Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 licenses. We look forward to working with the team from Idex Solutions next month in Las Vegas.