In this Update:  Belly pan welded up; Steering hydraulic system changes; Suspension improvements and fundraiser for Brandyn continues.

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It was a rainy and blustery one today as Team NAE went to work:  Ed Shadle, Von Armstrong, Keith Zanghi, Chris Greene, Brandyn Bayes, Bernard McVay, Steve Rima , Omar Chramosta, and Sam Yellowbird


Bernard McVay of McVay’s Mobile Welding

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McVay’s Mobile Welding was on hand to complete the welding on the belly pan.  Bernard brought along his welding unit and finished the welding while the pan was in place, bolted to the fuselage and rear axle to assure proper fit.  After the sparks quit flying the car was raised on jacks.  The entire assembly was unbolted and removed for inspection.  The weld seams will be ground down and primer and finish coats applied. Special thanks to Central Welding Supply,, Pacific Welding Suppy and Xpress Cryogenics for the use of our welders and welding consumables!


Ed and Chris work on the front suspension

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Ed, Keith, and Chris tackled the work to be done on the steering and suspension system.  With the wheel housing out of the fuselage, modifications are being made to the hydro pnuematic suspension assembly and to the supportiing hydraulic system that drives the steering response. Ed worked during the week gathering information on the best way to balance the oil and nitrogen pressures that make the suspension responsive.  This involves relocating and changing out some existing accumulators and lines.


A Message from Ed and Keith  
 Ed Shadle  Keith Zanghi

On behalf of everyone on the North American Eagle™ team, we would like to congratulate our own Brandyn Bayes on his becoming a FIRST Robotics Dean’s List Finalist. 

Out of almost 51,000 students in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), he will have the opportunity to become one of the ten winners of the award at Championships in St. Louis on April 24 to the 27.

When selecting finalists for this award, the judges look for team members who go above and beyond the call, to be great leaders and engineers.  Some of the winners of this award of gone onto M.I.T. with a full-ride scholarship.  This is a tremendous opportunity.

Unfortuanately the candidates must pay their own way.  We are looking to help Brandyn raise money to go to St. Louis.  It is a rather expensive trip, and every little bit can help.  You can support Brandyn by clicking on this hyperlink, which will bring you to a PayPal site.


A Little about Brandyn

Brandyn is the responsible for the new website look, the iOS and Droid Apps, Google+,  Twitter  and Podcasts.  He is in the 11th grade, but attends Pierce College in  Puyallup, WA.  Next year he will graduate with his High School Diploma, and an Associate Arts Colege Degree.


Brandyn Bayes – FIRST Deans List Finalist!

Since its introduction in 2010, the FIRST  Dean’s List Award has attracted the attention of prestigious colleges and universities who desire to recruit FIRST Dean’s List students.  Prestigious colleges have expressed great interest in meeting FIRST Dean’s List’s Award winners for the sole purpose of their recruitment to the institution. 

The award was created during the 2010 FRC season by the Kamen family in recognition of Jack and Evelyn Kamen; parents of FIRST  founder Dean Kamen.  Jack, who passed away in August of 2008 at the age of 88, and his wife Evelyn have been fixtures at many FIRST events.  Their humor, along with a positive and supportive attitude, truly symbolizes the FIRST culture.  In fact, Jack is the designer of the playful red, white and blue geometric shapes that create the FIRST logo which wonderfully balances the technical and emotional sides of what FIRST is all about.  Dean’s mother, Evelyn, is a tireless caretaker for her family and is an exceptional teacher, principal and tremendous FIRST supporter.  She lends her experience as a leader of schools to chair the judge panel that selects the FIRST Dean’s List Award winners.

Dean’s parents always encouraged his passion for innovation and his gift for motivating leaders throughout the world to support the FIRST  mission.  It is the family’s hope that this award will encourage the passion in all FIRST students to promote the FIRST mission both as a student on an FRC team and for years to come as members of the FIRST student alumni.

Brandyn Chris

In 2011, Brandyn and Chris got to meet Ping Fu

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 Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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