In this update:  Fairing the rear axle; Front wheel and steering box removed; Web page and social links enhanced; Very special visitor

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A good turn out for our Saturday work party today:  Von Armstrong, Ed Shadle, Les Holm, Keith Zanghi, Don Mitchell,  Doug and Brandyn Bayes, Steve Wallace, Jon Higley, Rob Martinson, Chris Greene, Steve Rima, and Omar Chramosta.


 Karah, Sean and land speed racer, Ethan

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Proud parents, Karah and Sean Rondestvedt, brought a very special visitor for his first tour of the hangar.  Little Master Ethan Odin Rondestvedt, 9 1/2 weeks young and growing fast, seemed to enjoy all the places he was posed for pictures.


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Two major tasks were tackled today and work continued on others.  With the rear axle support system completed, the newly installed components need to be made friendly for fast air rushing by the under belly. Les Holm spent his day measuring and laying out patterns for the fairing assemblies.  These will conform to the requirements  of the  aerodynamic analyses predicted for high speed air flow.  Work will begin next week on the vertical fairings.  Darren Grove has completed the design and components will be manufactured in the coming weeks.  Next weekend, Bernard McVay of McVay’s Mobile Welding will be onsite to complete the final welding.  Many thanks again to our sponsor, Central Welding Supply.


 In the running for the 2013 Velvet Hammer Award

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Past test runs revealed the need for ajustments to the steering system.  These are not plug and play remedies.  The front wheel assembly had to be removed and the entire wheel housing lowered down out of the fuselage.  Weighing in at several hundred pounds, the housing and its removal  took time, patience, and some careful consideration.  The inner hydraulics and shock spring assembly were disassembled, will be cleaned up, adjusted, and tested.  Problems have been identified that were causing some binding and response issues to steering control.  During the work, the team of Ed, Chris, and Jon disconnected a hydraulic line and sensor connections before lowering the whole assembly out of the fuselage. Later, during troubleshooting procedures, Ed, Rob, and Chris managed to spray high pressure hydraulic fluid over the entire shop.  Our landlord was happy to find out most of the oil was contained in the clothing of the three team members. It was a good lesson on stored energy sources.  The only positive thing you can say is it looks like all are in contention for the Ed Drumheller created Velvet Hammer Award for 2013.


 Brandyn and Keith

Brandyn has been working at home on various web page enhancements.  An updated look and additional links to our social sites will make it easier for our project followers and for our team website administrators.  Our twitters will be tweetier, facebook friendlier, and updates easier ;O)  Brandyn plugged in his laptop and briefed Keith as to some of the changes.

Doug Bayes, Ed, and Steve Wallace were busy with the work involved in getting the heat sensors working in the rear braking system.

Our newest team member, Steve Rima, completed his assessment of the field radio communications equipment.  It is pretty much a hodge podge of older radios, low powered and non comforming frequencies, and, in short, does not meet our needs for high speed runs. It was obvious that to simply replace the batteries to make them work would cost more than getting new units. Once again, Team NAE™ is looking for a sponsor willing to step up, put out, and help us on the way to setting a new landspeed record.  A sponsor name will go on the North American Eagle fuselage, on the webpage, and into the record books.


Steve working on the National Instruments Data Aquisition System


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 Eric Wittler With His Lenovo Laptop

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