The week before last, Paul Davis (owner of Alvord Ranch) called me and advised that I come down to the Alvord Dry Lake and take a look at the surface, as it had become rather rough.

That following Wednesday, John Drury and I flew down and landed on the lakebed to check it out. The rancher’s son, Justin, drove down to the lakebed with a truck so we could drive all over the lakebed to check it out. The Southern most 3 miles is very smooth but at 3 to the 3.5 it starts getting rough, smooths out for little bit, then at the 4 mile it gets rough, like a washboard. From the 4 mile mark to the North end of the lakebed, it is too rough to run on. Past the 7 mile it also gets soft and the truck began sinking in and nearly got stuck.

The problem is that they have had no rain from last fall until now so it turns powdery and the wind blows it up into ripples (sand serpents). Until they get a substantial rainfall, then wind to blow it around to settle the surface plus a drying spell, it is not going to make a smooth surface to run on. That translates into a postponement until mother-nature fixes it.

In the mean time, I plan inspect the Diamond Valley lakebed in Nevada to see if it is useable. If it is useable, I’ll push for getting a permit to run there. The last time I submitted a permit request and environmental analysis to the BLM, they were willing to provide a use permit, but only if I posted $37,480.00 into a BLM account for their use. As I have no idea at this time where I would find that kind of money, I’ll have to keep pleading my case that the same permit at the Alvord Dry Lake is only $100.00. Either way, we’re still making preparations to run the Eagle as soon as we get a lakebed to run on.

From November 4th to the 7th, the North American Eagle™ will be at the SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) in Las Vegas. With attendance normally around 100,000 people, the North American Eagle™ will have some great exposure. Be sure to continue to follow us through our social media pages, as we will be announcing an amazing new initiative during the SEMA show.

The North American Eagle™ team is also excited to be announcing a new sponsor within the coming month, one with whom we have been working closely on a series of new projects.

Ed Shadle