Racing is a sport that pushes people and their cars further than ever before.  It also brings out some of the best in people.  Despite the competitive nature, it creates a drive to work together to do more.  It’s when you face the impossible odds, that people choose to attempt exactly that: the impossible.

Going into Thursday, after a number of delays from having replacement parts flown in, the team began to race the clock, while also battling the weather.  With only a day left to accomplish what they had set out for, they had no time to waste.  More than anything else, the team wanted to see Jessi break the women’s record.  Starting that morning, they began by putting her in the car to do a slow speed run, as preparation for a full speed attempt.  After a brief run-up to a little over 320mph, the crew returned the car for final preparation.


By the time the team began to roll the Eagle to the start line, the weather had begun to pickup.  As the car was being fueled, a dust storm came across the lakebed, covering everything in its path.  With such high winds, the team did not dare attempt to start the vehicle, particularly with such low visibility and no clean air for the engine.  Waiting near an hour, the dust finally settled down.  With little time left in the day, Jessi climbed into the car and began to spin up the engine.

Taking off down the course, Jessi quickly picked up speed.  What she didn’t know is that the car had slowly drifted ever so slightly off course.  When moving that fast, there are very few points of reference by which to judge such subtle movement.  By the time that she realized what had happened, she quickly slowed the car down.  The combination of a couple of systems not functioning properly meant that she came closer to the edge of the track than anyone would have ever felt comfortable with.  It is a serious reminder of the danger of such a sport.

On Monday morning we will share more information about the speeds that Jessi achieved during her runs.  Be sure to check our social media channels and website for more details.  This has been The Road to 2016.  Thank you for joining us!

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