For a project as complex as this, no one person could ever do it alone.  It takes a team to do it.  That is what makes the test sessions so exciting.  They are a constant reminder of what each and every one of the team members put into the North American Eagle project, making it that much more real.  Last night, the the team arrived at the Alvord Desert in Southeast Oregon, prepared to make history.  Join us on our road to making racing history in 2016.

Upon arriving at Alvord, the advance team immediately set to work, getting ready for the impending arrival of the car and the rest of the team.  What they found is some of the most promising land that we have run on to date.  The Alvord Desert has 10.5 miles of some of the most well compacted dirt that the team had ever seen, making it ideal for our runs.  While this alone isn’t enough to begin breaking records, it is certainly exciting because it is far more territory than we dared to hope for.

For the runs this year, we looked to what it is that we truly wanted to accomplish.  The simple answer is that because of unfortunate delays last year, we set our sights on Jessi Combs breaking the Women’s Record of 512 MPH.  At the same time, Ed Shadle plans on setting a new single engine record, by going over 633 MPH.


Joining us this year are Microsoft and the Pegasus Mission (  Together, we will be live-streaming video and telemetry from the event, so that you can join us via your computer.  What is notable about this is the work that is required to make it possible.  To be able to stream all of this from the car, which is moving at over 600 MPH, in the middle of nowhere, is a task that yet to be dared.  We choose to dare it though, and with the help of Microsoft, are able to push the envelope of what is possible.  You will be able to tune into the live stream by going to

Follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on the 2016 runs.  Check back on our website for continued updates from the Alvord Desert.  This is the Road to 2016, and we are only just getting started.

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