Every project has a journey. The Journey Series picks up where From Speed to Sound left off, telling the stories as the project comes closer to going supersonic.

We Dream, We Dare, We Drive

Since Day One, people have said this project was just a little crazy.  Perhaps that is a bit of an understatement, yet we couldn’t agree more.  It is that very adventuring spirit that has pushed us to continue to go further, to do something few would ever consider to dare.  It is in these moments that should bring this project to a halt, when the mission we have set ourselves so long ago comes under question, it instead finds new life.  It is by the drive of so many committed individuals, who come together to do what some have called the impossible, we find strength.

The Road to 2016 – Part 3

Racing is a sport that pushes people and their cars further than ever before.  It also brings out some of the best in people.  Despite the competitive nature, it creates a drive to work together to do more.  It’s when you face the impossible odds, that people choose to attempt exactly that: the impossible.

The Road to 2016 – Part 2

Some of the most tense moments come in the days before running the car. It’s the point at which everyone has to be on their toes, to make sure that everything is perfect. It pushes each and every team member to do their very best, because nothing less is acceptable.

The Road to 2016 – Part 1

For a project as complex as this, no one person could ever do it alone.  It takes a team to do it.  That is what makes the test sessions so exciting.  They are a constant reminder of what each and every one of the team members put into the North American Eagle project, making it that much more real.  Last night, the the team arrived at the Alvord Desert in Southeast Oregon, prepared to make history.  Join us on our road to making racing history in 2016.

Engine Test 2016

As the mist descended on the cool, deserted airstrip, the team slowly unloaded the car from the trailer.  The time had come for the annual engine test.  After everything that they had run into trying to run the car the previous year, the team had been working tirelessly to fix the issues.  This engine test would be one of the final testaments to that, prior to running the car later in the year.