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We Dream, We Dare, We Drive

Since Day One, people have said this project was just a little crazy.  Perhaps that is a bit of an understatement, yet we couldn’t agree more.  It is that very adventuring spirit that has pushed us to continue to go further, to do something few would ever consider to dare.  It is in these moments that should bring this project to a halt, when the mission we have set ourselves so long ago comes under question, it instead finds new life.  It is by the drive of so many committed individuals, who come together to do what some have called the impossible, we find strength.

Anniversary Design

Five years ago, when I joined this team, I could have never dreamed of the extent of my involvement.  Along the way, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people, and work on a project that to this day continues to surprise me.  What surprises me is the rich history that comes with the car and the team itself.  While the goal of going supersonic may seem crazy to some, when put in perspective of everything that has been done so far, it doesn’t seem quite so crazy.

From Speed to Sound: The Story Announcement

After a long and extraneous meeting of discussing how to market the car, I sat down with a single goal in mind; how to tell the story about the North American Eagle. The car has become a marvel of engineering in its own right. Numerous articles have been written about it in a multitude of different mediums. I wanted this one to be different. That’s when I realized that the story wasn’t really just about the car; it was about people. It was people who had taken a jet fighter and transformed it into a magnificent land racing vehicle. It was about people who built something so special, it takes one’s breath away the first time they set eyes upon it. It was all people.

Microsoft Partnership

The North American Eagle™ team is excited to announce our latest partnership with Microsoft.  This partnership has been in development for almost a year now, and we’re beyond amazed at how far we’ve come, and where we will be going with it.

Alvord 2014 Postponement

The week before last, Paul Davis (owner of Alvord Ranch) called me and advised that I come down to the Alvord Dry Lake and take a look at the surface, as it had become rather rough.

Robotics 2014

Every year, starting in January, FIRST Robotics students across the globe are given a challenge; they must build a robot that is capable of performing and completing various tasks. Students are given only six weeks in which to design, build, program, and finally test their robot.  The North American Eagle team is a major supporter of these programs, particularly because of the invaluable skills that it provides to students. The FIRST Robotics Competition helps to prepare these future industry leaders for a career in their chosen field.  This year, the North American Eagle team has partnered with FRC Team #2927.  Two of our team members, Brandyn Bayes and Andrew Kirk, are heavily involved in the team, having both been involved for four years.  If you have read some of the recent NAE project updates, you have likely seen posts regarding this competition.  Now, the Robotics team would like to take the time to tell their story, and to thank everyone who has helped to make their endeavor possible.

Mar. 31 Website

March 31, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen,

In Today’s update: the NAE website gets updated!  This update introduces numerous new features and fixes including our new mobile app!