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The North American Eagle® is proud to be working with TRI-MAX™ K.C.A.F. Fire Technologies and the TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF.

The TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF is the smallest system of the portable TRI-MAX family of high-energy Cold Compressed Air Foam systems. This compact hand held unit is capable of producing high-energy foams in the range of 5.1 to 20.1. This means that 3 gallons of pre-mix solution expands up to 60 gallons of finished foam product at a rate of over 90 gallons per minute.

The TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF Fire Prevention/Fire Suppression System is portable and simple to use and is a tremendous Initial Response tool. The TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF is able to put a thick vapor sealing foam blanket over a flammable liquid or toxic chemical spill preventing ignition and release of toxic vapors.

Older Chemical fire extinguishers are inadequate at suppressing a fuel fire outside its effective range, which is approx 3-4 ft., and have no ability to prevent a fuel spill from igniting. The discharge distance of the TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF is 35-40 ft and allows for a greater stand off distance, offering an increased margin of safety for personnel attacking the fire that are not wearing protective clothing.

Von Armstrong with our Tri-Max CAFS

Portable Tri-Max CAFS